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Maxi cosi Pebble users.... Do I need a new car seat?

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user1465413429 Mon 20-Jun-16 11:21:58

We bought a maxi cosi pebble for our baby girl just before she was born. She's ten weeks old now and I've got to say, out of all the products we have bought for her, this one makes me the most miserable and at times contributes to making going out really stressful. Anyone else having these issues:
- two straps constantly get stuck within the belt pad material so I can't adjust tightness (before fixing car seat to base or pram).
- the buckle is really tricky to 'press in', I can spend upto five minutes just trying to get it to click in place.
- I can't adjust the straps once the seat is attached to isofix base or pram which makes the buckle even more difficult.
- my baby girl absolutely hates it and screams when I put her in it, which adds to making journeys just rubbish.

To add to all of the above, with baby in the seat I just can't get over how heavy it is.... Are all car seats like this or was I badly advised? Feels like I'm carting round a cement block.

I hate it so much sad

Newtobecomingamum Mon 20-Jun-16 11:53:57

Sorry I can't send a longer msg as on way out. We have had pebble twice and found it great. Sounds strange, did you purchase from new? If yes, I would take it back and ask them to look over it. Unfortunately all car seats get heavier as baby grows, I found this quite a shock first time round. I've carried family members and friends de babies in other car seats and they are all the same they just get heavier.

Pico2 Mon 20-Jun-16 13:11:32

We had a Cabriofix and I found it + baby very heavy. I generally left it in the car and took my baby out of it. As babies aren't meant to stay in car seats for long periods, that seems to me the simplest solution. I did seem to be unusual in that.

But otherwise, it wasn't hard to use like yours.

Leicfox1 Mon 20-Jun-16 17:24:58

I have a pebble and haven't had these problems. After a few weeks I discovered that the easiest way to use it was to loosen the straps at the end of the trip, ie, when I took the baby out, by making sure that the buckle bit is facing down and lightly pulling the straps towards you. Then when you next use it, put the end of the right strap behind the end of the left (they should overlap in order to fit into the buckle), clip into th buckle and pull on the bit of strap below the buckle and seat to tighten.

As far as I know, the buckle button always needs to be facing down if you want to loosen the straps, and it always needs to be clipped together if you want to tighten them. Hope that makes sense!

Definitely heavier as my baby grows, he's now 12 weeks and I can just about carry him in it. I have started taking him in and out if it's a longer distance. And my son cries a lot too sometimes, mostly when he us tired or hungry. On other days he is fine. I hung a small toy from the handle, which helps capure his attention on the good days. I doubt that an alternative car seat would make him feel lighter (for me) or happier.

Leicfox1 Mon 20-Jun-16 17:31:26

Also wanted to add that when we were looking around for car seats, I found an empty cabriofix slightly lighter than an empty pebble, but only slightly. We didn't look at any other brands. Try what I suggested above, if it doesn't make it any easier to adjust strapa or clip together, them maybe try talking to the seller or manufacturer? Good luck!

pickledpears Mon 20-Jun-16 17:35:08

I've had 2 pebbles and found them great. Maybe take it back?

baffledmummy Tue 21-Jun-16 11:57:28

Hated my Pebble for first 3 months as DD was completely lost in it. She wasn't even that tiny but always looked really uncomfortable in it even with the new born support. Once she got a bit bigger she fitted it better and I actually really like it. It is heavy....DD now approaching 19 lbs but still fits comfortably in it....don't carry it about so much now as is obviously very heavy but it's so convenient e.g. when she falls asleep in car, can bring the seat on to the house without waking her. For shopping trips I just transfer her into lightweight buggy now. The wheels on my Pioneer took up too much space in the boot!

Mrscog Tue 21-Jun-16 20:37:47

I've got a pebble and had no problems, maybe you've got a dodgy one. I love ours it's currently on DC2 who's 14 months. I like the way it lasts ages (DC1 was in it until 20 months).

I'd ask for a replacement.

DesignedForLife Thu 23-Jun-16 14:26:20

We had a pebble and no problems, it was heavy though!

Where did you get it from? Hopefully you can take it back to get it checked over.

PrimeraVez Sat 25-Jun-16 05:12:50

I think it sounds like either you've got a faulty one that needs replacing, or you need someone to walk you through using it. Can you maybe take it back into Mothercare or wherever you bought it from and ask for some advice? I'm sure they would be willing to help - it's important that you are using it correctly and that it's not faulty. Hope you get it sorted.

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