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Where have my boobs gone????

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fluffymummykins Mon 20-Jun-16 06:30:09

I've never been particularly blessed in the chest department; I hoped it would change during pregnancy, but it didn't. But now, after my second, my pre-baby B/C cups that ballooned to DDs are now AAs. Forget spaniels ears, they resemble haribo fried eggs (other sweet brands are available!). GIVE ME MY BOOBS BACK!!!! sad

Allisgood1 Mon 20-Jun-16 06:32:20

sad they aren't coming back. Sorry. Save for your implants!!

adrianabelshaw Mon 20-Jun-16 11:41:57

Same thing happened to me! I totally feel you. But after all, I guess the price Ive had to pay is worth it given the two amazing creatures that have given a meaning to my life!

prettywhiteguitar Mon 20-Jun-16 13:19:55

Mine shrunk back too ! So annoying g because you have to try and make your stomach stick out less than your boobs, pretty difficult in my case !!!grin

Meeep Mon 20-Jun-16 13:26:05

Somebody told me that "they come back if you get really fat".

prettywhiteguitar Mon 20-Jun-16 14:15:27

Haha mine don't, my pregnant belly comes back !

fluffymummykins Thu 23-Jun-16 23:16:33


OllyBJolly Thu 23-Jun-16 23:23:34

Actually, I discovered mine after childbirth! I was always a straight up and down person (athletic build in OLD terms!). I breastfed two children and although I'm far from busty, I'm a perky 30E in my fifties.

I find a good bra helps gather up what you have and keep it in place.

StickTheDMWhereTheSunDontShine Thu 23-Jun-16 23:25:05

If you roll them up, you'll find they still fill a D cup.

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