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please diagnose my baby

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hawaiibaby Sat 18-Jun-16 19:40:38

Am too tired to work out what's going on sad

DS2 is 13w. Lovely little thing and pretty content, feeds well and very little prolonged screaming. He has a slight pink rash on his face and chest which comes and goes, it is a little bumpy, it's not angry or severe.

He is bf and only poos once a week but strains a lot, has fowl smelling farts all the time and a small abrasion on his bottom which the gp thinks is from straining a lot. From birth though, he did have what looked like a small spot also right by his anus which no one was concerned about. He passed meconium fine and when he does eventually poo, it is soft and typical breast milk colour and consistency so am assu ming this means there's nothing sinister.

I also think he has reflux but fairly mild - bubbly around the mouth, curdled milk sick around 4/5 times a day, makes pained faces and pained swallowing sounds in sleep (which wakes him) and can't sleep on his back at all - he grunts, hiccups and wakes. However he feeds fine and has only pulled off the breast screaming a few times in three months.

Today he did a long, forceful fart and then screamed in pain, it was blood curdling. He did the same the other day. I had wondered about cmpi but wasn't sure his symptoms were strong enough, however I cut out dairy two weeks ago but haven't noticed much difference, bar not seeing the rash as often. As advised, last night I tested the dairy with a yoghurt and today with a cream cake (in for a penny and all that). He was mo different overnight but we had the painful gas earlier and the rash on his face seems a little bumpier (but still only pale).

He's been on lactolouse for ten days but it's made NO difference at all, has only pooed once since on it and is still straining.

Has anyone got any ideas / experience? Feels like there are a few mild things going on that may be connected but may not be and they are conspiring to stop him sleeping and obviously leaving him quite uncomfy.

I don't want to treat the reflux with gabion due to constipation risk and don't think it's bad enough for stronger meds?

Tia for any wisdom!

Heirhelp Mon 20-Jun-16 05:04:07

Silent reflux? His reflux might be worse than you think but he is only being a little sick.

We found anti colic massage helped little one poo.

Spotsondots Sun 26-Jun-16 20:49:08

Sounds like CMPA (cows milk protein allergy) to me. The history of normal soft stools but straining lots is particularly indicative. Also the rash. It can take a good few weeks for symptoms to properly resolve when you exclude the dairy from your diet. Ideally a trial of 4-6 weeks properly dairy free (checking labels and being really strict) and then reintroduce it for a couple of weeks in order to truly diagnose it. You should be on calcium supplements too if you are going to do this. Do you have a decent GP who can support you and refer you to a dietician?

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