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EBF baby and rapid weight gain

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bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 09:49:54

Hi all

I'm quite worried after my last visit to the health visitor. My baby boy was born on the 25th centile (born at 38 weeks), then started climbing up to 50th, 75th, 91st and now around 93rd centile. Whereas before health visitors were reassuring me it's great and I'm doing a great job, this last time she said she's 'getting slightly concerned' and advised to attend baby swimming pool (all booked already). My son was EBF until 6 months and then I started solids (fruit/veg/meat, nothing unhealthy). He's 7 months now. I'm so scared he'll end up off the scale. Has anyone else experienced such rapid weight gain in EBF baby?

Thank a lot

minipie Thu 16-Jun-16 12:23:13


DD2 was born on 25th (born at 37 weeks) climbed to 91st (EBF). Still on the 91st at 15 months.

She has also climbed length centiles - born on 9th, now at 50th.

I think it's probably because they were born a bit early.

The birth centiles on the standard weight charts assume babies are born at 40 weeks.

However if you look in the growth charts in the red book, you'll find a separate table for pre term birth weight which gives different results.

So for example: My DD2 was 3kg when born at 37 weeks. If I look at 3kg at birth on the normal weight chart, it shows 25th centile. But if I look at 3kg at 37 weeks on the pre term chart, it shows 75th centile. So on that basis she was really born on the 75th centile so it's not that much of a jump to 91st.

Hope that makes sense. If you tell me your baby's birth weight I can have a look at the pre term chart and tell you what centile he was born on using 38 weeks on that chart.

bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 14:51:51

Hi minipie,

Thanks for your reply. How interesting! I always thought they take into account the fact that he was born at 38 weeks when they put him on the 25th centile. Isn't it quite shocking how they miss such an important point. I thought about that too, but have always been told that since 38 weeks is full term the fact he was 2 weeks early didn't matter. But I thought surely it does matter, since if he'd stayed in for 2 more weeks he'd have weighted (probably significantly) more than at 38! At last someone who makes sense! grin

As for his birth weight, it was 2870 kg and he was born at 38+2. Very curious now!

feesh Thu 16-Jun-16 14:56:46

One of my twins did this - he was born absolutely tiny (especially compared to t'other one who was a massive chunka!). I actually think he was struggling a bit in the womb and I don't think he would have survived if he had 'cooked' for any longer. His umbilical cord stump was a skinny thing which fell off within 12 hours. I think his 'natural' genetic build is quite big and he just had a lot of catching up to do when he came out. He levelled off when he was some months old (can't remember how many, sorry) and stayed on the same percentile ever since.

minipie Thu 16-Jun-16 15:54:47

Sorry bunny I've checked and it looks like they did take into account that he was 38 weeks. In other words they already used the prem chart. So 2.87kg at 38 weeks on the prem chart = 25th centile. On the standard chart (ie if he had been treated as 40 weeks) he would have been 9th centile.

So my explanation stacks up for my DD (because they didn't use the prem chart for her for some reason) but not your DS...

I still wouldn't worry though. I have had so many HCPs tell me it is impossible to overfeed an EBF baby. He is probably just finding his natural size. Also 7 months is "peak fat" time because they are storing it all up ready for getting mobile! DD was a little whale at that age, now at 15 months she is much slimmer (even though still 91st centile).

bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:08:20

Feesh, that makes sense about genetic build. According to my mil, my husband was also very chubby at this age. Glad your twin has caught up so well, how scary to think what could have been if he'd stayed in for longer, as you say.

Minipie, I see, so they are not so daft as I thought (I was actually very surprised!). I didn't know about 'peak fat' age, that's a bit reassuring, I do hope he'll level out now. In fact, he gained much less over the last month compared to the previous ones. Wonder if that could mean the beginning of the end of fatty phase lol. Thanks a lot for reassurance, means a lot!

bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:08:25

Feesh, that makes sense about genetic build. According to my mil, my husband was also very chubby at this age. Glad your twin has caught up so well, how scary to think what could have been if he'd stayed in for longer, as you say.

Minipie, I see, so they are not so daft as I thought (I was actually very surprised!). I didn't know about 'peak fat' age, that's a bit reassuring, I do hope he'll level out now. In fact, he gained much less over the last month compared to the previous ones. Wonder if that could mean the beginning of the end of fatty phase lol. Thanks a lot for reassurance, means a lot!

bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:10:12

Oops sorry for the double post. MN informed me the first one failed to post, clearly not angry

therootoftheroot Thu 16-Jun-16 21:18:01

Have they measured his length at all?
My son used to put a pound a week on and the clinic were all " Wyatt are you feeding him?" Worrying me.
We moved clinics, New place measured him and he was in proportion! He's still massive,

16 years old and six foot six! But if you look at his red book he is still in the same curve as when he was a baby.

Bessiebigpants Thu 16-Jun-16 21:19:53

Please don t worry as soon as baby starts moving which will be soon he will slow right down.Your body makes the exact right milk for baby at each development stage.Feed baby as much as he needs and relax and enjoy this special time.

EustachianTube Thu 16-Jun-16 21:23:20

My DS was the same, on 25th centile when he was born and by 3 months old he was on the 91st. He then stayed on that right the way through the chart. He always was/is tall as well so his weight caught up with his height. No one ever mentioned any concerns about his weight gain to me, they just said as he was ebf, he obviously was taking what he needed! Although he was born at full-term (he was 7lb 5oz at birth), I think he was always just meant to be bigger and didn't stop growing till he'd reached the 'right' weight for him.
He's now 9 and skinny as a rake, by the way!

bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:28:48

Theroot, no, never been measured. And yes, he looks long..grin Exactly what they've been telling me, 'What are you feeding him? Do you give formula? Unhealthy foods?'... Making me worry. Maybe I should measure him with a measuring tape at home?

Bessie, thanks for reassurance. I hope so. It's true, he's not moving much now, he is either in his pram or sitting at home surrounded by his toys and can play with them for a long time. I try to make him crawl, put him in a jumping thing, soon we are going to swimming pool as well. Hope it'll make a difference!

JasperDamerel Thu 16-Jun-16 21:31:16

DD was like that. She started off on the 20th centile for weight and 50th for weight and over two months end up on on 98th for both. She would put on a pound a week, and two during growth spurts. She looked really fat. She started getting slimmer again once she started moving, between 15 months and two years. I had to buy her a pair of 18 month trousers for her when she was 9 months old. They still fit her when she was three. She's now nine and is tallish and skinny. Her school tracksuit bottoms with a non adjustable waist were a waste of money this year because they are currently far too short but keep falling down because the waist is too big.

bunny85 Thu 16-Jun-16 21:31:23

EustachianTube, wow that's impressive! Amazing how much growing they can make in a matter of months. grin

EustachianTube Thu 16-Jun-16 21:35:50

Impressive, but he managed it by feeding every 45 minutes throughout the night 😭
damn near broke me, that child! 😄

Biscuitless Thu 16-Jun-16 23:18:52

I wouldn't worry. Had a similar experience. I think it is true that you can't overfeed a BF baby. DS1 was born on the 50th centile, EBF, and by 6 months his weight was well above the 99.6th centile on the chart (1.5kg above the line). He looked like a complete sumo baby. Didn't eat any solid food for ages - wasn't hungry. He must have been nearly 2 before he ate a proper meal, rather than just tastes.He then stayed that same weight till he was 2 and gradually became less chubby as he grew taller. At 5 he is now beautifully slim although still tall for his age.

The important thing is that they learn to self-regulate and I've heard that restricting food intake can be damaging because they then are constantly hungry and learn to eat even when they are not hungry in case there isn't enough food next time.

DS2 was also huge - but huge from birth and kept on that way. So it is likely genetics.

bunny85 Fri 17-Jun-16 09:06:10

Jasper, sorry, was a cross post last night which I missed. Yes, my ds can quite easily wear 9-12 mo clothes, one hoodie he has is even 12-18mo! It's loose though, but still.

EustachianTube, I can totally sympathise... Similar thing's been happening here, some nights he's up every hour, last night though was a miracle and he woke up only twice (he does that once in a while!).

Biscuit, that's exactly what my parents are (lovingly) calling my ds, sumo wrestler! When he sits in just a nappy on he looks like a little buddha. He's also not too keen on food and it worried me (everything worries me, I'm one of those mothers!) that he isn't getting enough iron and stuff. For the past couple of days he eats better though since I started giving him finger foods. Very good point about restricting food leading to overeating! I should definitely keep this in mind.

Btw I measured him today with a tape. Around 70 cm. Is that tall for a 7mo?

Gardencentregroupie Fri 17-Jun-16 09:11:56

My DNeph was EBF, and he went from 50th centile at birth to literally off the scale fat by 6 months. They referred him to the consultant paediatrician etc but it turned out there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, he was just really really efficient at getting milk from the breast. He's 5 now and one of the skinniest in his class, honestly, he used to have elastic waistbands to get them round his belly now he needs his trousers pulled in.

Fourfifthsof Fri 17-Jun-16 09:17:46

I hate all this nonsense from health visitors about overweight babies.

My DS was on the 40th centile when he was born and now he's 99.6. He's also 99.6 centile long, but I measured that myself as HV said he was plump - he's fine according to their own charts if they could be bothered to measure how long he is too!

Using your baby's weight only is like giving an adult their BMI using their weight only. Just opinion... And opinions are like noses - we've all got a different one!

Not sure what HVs are like in your area but where I live they are worse than hopeless. They don't listen, assume anyone struggling is being pfb and have given me advice that has both worsened my PND and worsened my child's condition. I take anything they say with more than a pinch of salt.

Just smile, nod, agree with them then go home, bring up your child in your own way and get on with your life.

You sound like a great mum doing a great job.

JasperDamerel Fri 17-Jun-16 09:24:16

Bunny, my huge baby was also a late eater - she ate only minuscule quantities of food until she was 9 months old. I remember the age because we were on holiday and she ate most of a peach and I was amazed.

Coconut0il Sat 18-Jun-16 11:17:23

My DS2 is a real chunky monkey, born on the 75th centile, didnt lose any weight and quickly went above the 99.6th where he has been following his own curve since.
The HV hasn't really said anything to me yet but as he gets closer to 1 I'm waiting for it. He is BF, on solids but not huge portions. I'm doing exactly the same with him as I did with DS1 who tracked the 50th centile. DS2 is just bigger grin Love a chunky baby cuddle.

bunny85 Sat 18-Jun-16 12:38:48

Garden, my ds is also super efficient. 5-10 mins of vigorous sucking can last him 5 hours!

Fourfifthsof, good comparison with bmi. Makes perfect sense! Only not to health visitors it seems confused Thank you for the complement, I do try my best. And yes, nod and smile that's what I should do.

Jasper, that would amaze me too. Having said that, yesterday my ds surprised me by eating 2 pieces of chicken, courgette and then some mango and then sleeping through the night second night in a row (was waking almost every hour lately. Hmmmm)...

Coconut, I also love chunky cuddles!! In the beginning I actually felt proud when people were commenting how very chubby he is. Then HV put an end to my pride grin

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