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Long day out and a baby

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glueandstick Wed 15-Jun-16 09:25:08

I'll start by admitting I'm still way out of my depth but as we've both survived nearly 4 months I assume it's going ok.

I need to go to London for the day next week- leaving at 5am back mid afternoon.

What's the best way to deal with a small person during this time? It's an hour train there and probably some underground (Paddington-Olympia-Covent garden-Paddington) but will try and walk most of it.

What's the best way for carrying/push chairing etc. I have a stretch sling, baby bjorn, car seat attached to pram and a pram/pushchair top. The pushchair says from 6 months but it does recline fully.

All practical help very much appreciated!

tinymeteor Wed 15-Jun-16 10:24:55

That is quite an intrepid day out with a 4 month old!

Are you BFing? If so you can travel relatively light, so I would leave the pushchair at home, take a small rucksack for nappies and spare clothes, and use the Bjorn. The tube is very difficult with a pushchair and Paddington in particular doesn't have step free access for the line you need (District Line) to Earl's Court/Olympia). Covent Garden is always very busy and would be stressful with a pushchair although they do have lifts.

The places you mention are too far apart to walk. If you can afford it, take black cabs which will be by far the easiest option but not cheap. If taking the tube, use a contactless debit card so you don't have to queue up for ticket machines.

A 4 month old in a good mood is fairly portable - much easier than in a few months time - but it will be a very hectic day! Plan lots of extra time for breaks, carry water for you, and good luck!

glueandstick Wed 15-Jun-16 10:41:41

I'm a well seasoned Londoner- just not with a baby! Thanks for the tips. It's a nightmare. Am bottle feeding. I have suddenly realised how much harder this all is now than pre baby!

I try to walk as much as poss and pre baby would happily cover over 10 miles rather than tubing it. Summer on the tube should be used as a form of torture.

Jacked in the Oyster card when I was last there as can now contactless it but wonder if that was a bad plan just in case I lose my card! I lose everything now.

I'd probably walk Paddington to Olympia as that's not too bad and I have a lot of time to kill. Olympia to Covent Garden not so much desire to walk but could do the walk back to Paddington. I think. I did it 30 weeks pregnant. I was nuts I think.

Just dug out the backpack. Going to go for a small trial run locally. This afternoon I'll look for a days worth of childcare ;)

glueandstick Wed 15-Jun-16 11:35:12

That reply seemed a bit snappy. Sorry! I've also not used a carrier yet either!!!

Fitzsimmons Wed 15-Jun-16 11:44:13

I went to London last month with my three year old son and four month old daughter for three days. I took a carrier and a pushchair, used the carrier on the tube and carried the pushchair in one hand, three year old in other hand, and rucksack on my back. It's doable just take your time. I also bottle feed and found the best thing was to use the pre-mixed formula cartons. I'd take enough clean empty bottles for the day and maybe one or two cartons, then pick up more from Boots or a supermarket during the day. Meant I didn't have to carry so much and it was easy to find shops that sold the formula.

tinymeteor Wed 15-Jun-16 12:53:07

Ah, I thought you were after London tips more than baby tips!

In that case yes pre-mixed formula is great. And maybe pack a light blanket so if you need to stop and give the baby some time out of the sling/pushchair, you can set it up as an impromptu playmat wherever you are.

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