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Not touching the mans nuts.....

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PoopyGirl Mon 13-Jun-16 16:37:36

We were on holiday in Spain....spending the week in Malaga with my cousin in her flat. We had visited Malaga city a few times and met my cousins friends..male and female. but all this time our 4 year old DS was within eyeshot.
imagine my shock when one evening he declared 'mama, I am not going to touch the mans nuts again'.
immediately, I started to run through my head who had been near him, or where we had possibly left him out of sight for ore than a second...

Trying to be calm I asked, which mans nuts....he just replied 'I am not going to touch them again'.

So I tried to figure out...does he actually know what he is I asked how many nuts did the man have...'oh lots and lots'.
And how many do you have....' I don't have any'.

finally I figured out what he was talking Malaga town centre, there are lots of vendors on street with stalls of roasted almonds.....our DS went up to one and despite us saying...'don't touch the mans nuts'....he of course went and touched them....feeling embarressed and not really wanting to pay for the 3 plus kilos of nuts at 3 euros per 12... We quickly rushed off and gave our boy a big telling off about touching the mans nuts.


liquidrevolution Wed 15-Jun-16 15:00:45


peaceloveandtwirlywoos Wed 15-Jun-16 16:36:18


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