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Need some inspiration... Meals for fussy 1 year old

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Magtils Mon 13-Jun-16 13:53:04

My ds is 1 and a very fussy eater. His older sister has always eaten anything and everything, so to have a fussy eater second time round has really flummoxed me!

He will only eat yoghurt and scrambled egg for breakfast, will pick at dinner (would only eat pasta and peas if he had his way) but it's lunchtime I'm struggling with the most. Sandwiches, wraps,soup, quiche have all been discarded, toast is a no no as is rice. He will eat any type of pasta and some green veg and apples but I don't want to just have him eating that all the time.
Anyone else have a fussy eater and any ideas of what I could feed him....please!?

ACubed Mon 13-Jun-16 14:14:13

Hi Magtils,
I only have a small baby, but I work at a nursery and have worked with plenty of fussy eaters. It's totally normal especially for a one year old, but you have my full sympathies! Here are some things we try at work, but he may be a bit young for some of these to work on:
- Have a communal plate that everyone takes food from - this seems to motivate a lot of kids as it brings in a competitive element
- Arrange food in a rainbow/smiley face/different pattern
- Offer a choice of two different meals
- Just leave one option out until hunger wins (you can get tabs that stick plates to surfaces if throwing is a problem)
- I guess your son is maybe a bit young for this, but getting kids involved with food prep makes them more likely to eat it

(I would add that with older children it's a case of take it or leave it!)

Good luck, I hope it gets easier
A x

Magtils Mon 13-Jun-16 16:55:40

Thank you so much! I will give some of these a go. I think I was spoilt with my daughter as food was just never an issue with her. I think that's half the reason im struggling with it now. I always eat with my children and we all eat together including my husband at the weekend. I will persevere with some of your ideas and hope that he decides he likes eating soon!

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