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Can anyone recommend good night time reusables for a large 3 year old?

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HPandBaconSandwiches Sun 12-Jun-16 19:05:23

DD is just 3 but quite tall at 101cm and mildly chunky with a 55cm waist. Wears M&S size 5/6 clothes. She has a very sensitive skin and we've always used Naty nappies which have been brilliant and then their pull ups for bedtime. Trouble is their size 6 is too small for her, by quite a way now. Cutting into her legs rather than leaking.

We've been trying the Huggies pyjama pants age 4-7 which fit well, but she's getting a rash, just as she always did with all other nappy brands. She has eczema that is brought on easily by the wrong creams/fabrics.

Can anyone recommend a breathable, skin friendly night time pant? Either reusable or not. They would need to be a generous fit, about size 7. She's been daytime dry since before 2 years old but is still wet overnight 4/5 nights so not ready to go without yet.

Thank you!

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