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2yo hitting and kicking us and laughing - how to stop?

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JLoTheAstra Tue 07-Jun-16 10:22:20

Has anyone had a success in stopping a toddler who thinks it's hilarious to hit and kick them?

For the past few months DS (just turned 2) has been kicking and hitting us and finding it hilarious. It's particularly bad when trying to change his nappy or clothes - he often just lies on his back, thrashing and kicking so hard that it takes two of us to hold him down while he laughs hysterically. Because he's very strong, he can actually really hurt us - and as I'm 8 months pregnant and his favourite place to kick me is in the stomach, it's really getting me down.

I feel like I've tried everything to stop him - distraction, holding his arms/ legs and saying no firmly, shouting, time out... But nothing seems to work and he just finds it funnier and funnier.

His speech is excellent and he seems to manage to communicate most of what he wants with us so I don't think it's frustration. More likely attention seeking, though we give him a lot of attention.

He doesn't do this to other kids at nursery/ groups but will swipe at them (a bit like a cat) if he thinks they're getting to close to me or his dad. He never actually makes contact though and it's a defensive thing rather than a 'fun' thing.

Does anyone have any advice?

Scotinoz Wed 08-Jun-16 03:50:21

Following with interest!!

I have a 2.5year old who loves pushing her 1 year old sister. Never other children, just her sister. I've tried ignoring, naughty step, explaining, taking toys away, banning Peppa, book on pushing, assisting her sister to push her back...

Nothing works and it's really tedious. Again, excellent communicator and thinks it funny 😫

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