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7MO crying

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mumto1babyboy Tue 07-Jun-16 10:10:07

My beautiful little boy is 7MO this week we are having trouble with him crying every time I put him down during day and at night! At night we co sleep because he just wants to be near me bless his heart but during the day even if I go loo he screams I have a sling but I'm wearing it constantly .. Anyone else going through same thing?? I'm a first time mum as u can tell lol xx

Coconut0il Tue 07-Jun-16 22:44:49

I have an almost 10 month old who goes through phases like this. Could be a bit of separation anxiety or I found DS2 was a little more clingy when his teeth were coming through.
We are co sleeping and his favourite thing is to be held all the time! Normally I don't mind as I know from DS1 this time soon passes but it can be exhausting when you don't get a minute. That's when DP has to take him out for a walk so I can get a break!

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