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Hand luggage for 11 month old...

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Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 12:55:12

So we are going away on holiday next week and was wondering whether someone can list a few things i will need in my hand luggage for DD. I'm just slightly worried i will forget something. Also is there anything i cant take through security? Thanks!

Cantstopsmiling37 Sun 05-Jun-16 13:15:23

How long is flight?

We usually have some or all if these depending on length of flight.

Nappies/wipes etc...
Little bags of snacks - time consuming and 'exciting' treats like raisins, crisps, choc buttons etc..
Some new small cheap small toys to rotate
Pencils and post-its
Teddy/comforter as will probably sleep
IPad or similar with fav cartoons downloaded ready

If bf offer at take off and landing, or use dummy/bottle - helps with ears. If bottle, take unopened ready made milk - if open or in bottle you have to taste it - YUK!

Buy sports cap bottle of water once through security.
We also take change of clothes for everyone - but that's because one of ours is travel sick!!

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 13:32:56

Thanks cantstop thats really helpful. Flight is 4 hours so not too long. I heard about having something to suck on for taking off & landing - i'll make sure we have her dummy to hand. Hoping she'll sleep for about an hour as the flight is around her nap time.

HelsBels3000 Sun 05-Jun-16 13:34:41

It's worth bearing in mind that most airlines will allow a baby changing bag in addition to your hand luggage allowance - I adorn mine with toys and rattles and so on - then you don't have to use your precious allowance on all the baby paraphernalia!

dementedpixie Sun 05-Jun-16 13:47:58

They can ask you to open and taste sealed formula too. You could buy some after security in boots too

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 14:14:16

DD cant have normal formula, she has a slight milk allergy so i was going to take some of her prescribed formula in a little pot to make up if or when she needs it. This is ok isnt it?

dementedpixie Sun 05-Jun-16 15:23:07

Powder is fine but you may need to taste the water you use to make it up if you are taking that with you

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 16:01:34

No wouldnt be taking water through. DD doesnt normally have a bottle that time of day so was just taking milk in case of delays etc.

andadietcoke Sun 05-Jun-16 16:10:48

Little toys wrapped in tin foil - it's easier for them to get the wrapping off but still takes time.
Ella's Kitchen Greek yoghurt and fruit pouches
Raisins, madeleines, packets of breadsticks etc, again all wrapped tin foil.

AHellOfABird Sun 05-Jun-16 16:11:54

If you aren't taking water through, what will you make it up with?

AHellOfABird Sun 05-Jun-16 16:12:58

You will need to taste fruit pouches etc if they are more than 100ml

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 16:36:50

I'll ask for boiled water in a restaurant or on the flight.

AHellOfABird Sun 05-Jun-16 16:42:24

Won't it be too hot for quick consumption though? Also might take a while for a steward to get to you on the plane.

It's easy enough to take in bottles.

dementedpixie Sun 05-Jun-16 16:42:51

I wouldn't take fruit pouches or yoghurts as you will be asked to open and taste them. Take dry snacks instead or buy the other stuff after security

soundsystem Sun 05-Jun-16 16:47:18

I've always taken the Ella's yoghurt pouches and never been asked to open/taste them.

I've also always done what you plan to with formula (taking powder and getting hot water once through). I'll bottle with half hot water, add powder, top up with cold water, job done. I don't get how you'd take water with you, as it then wouldn't be hot enough to add the powder to?!

soundsystem Sun 05-Jun-16 16:48:29

But yeah, plenty of snacks. Fiddling things like raisins, satsumas are really good. And small toys, stickers, stories.

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 16:52:04

If DD really needed her bottle & we was in the airport still i'd ask the restaurant for a jug of cold water to cool it down quicker. However if we was on the plane, i would just have to get up & find a steward to ask for some way of cooling it down. I'm sure they've had it all before.

dementedpixie Sun 05-Jun-16 16:53:12

Satsumas are messy and make your hands smell. Maybe make up a fruit bag with chopped grapes/strawberries, etc. Mini cheese biscuits, small sandwiches, etc would be good too

Drquin Sun 05-Jun-16 16:54:13

Absolutely they done it all before ..... It's just how immediate you can expect the service to be versus how immediate you want the water wink

AHellOfABird Sun 05-Jun-16 17:00:14

How about a thermos flask with water in?

eurochick Sun 05-Jun-16 17:03:50

You can always cool down a bottle by mixing in some cold bottled water after you have added the hot.

prettywhiteguitar Sun 05-Jun-16 17:37:07

This is really helpful, we're taking ds 12months on holiday soon, 2.5 hr flight, I'm dreading it !

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 17:39:31

You could bird but its just another thing you dont actually need just saves you having to carry it doesnt it?

AHellOfABird Sun 05-Jun-16 18:28:52

Ok tinks, I'd rather have all the pieces in my own control than rely on airline or restaurant staff to act quickly if my baby was looking for her bottle, but if you are happy to wait, that's fine.

Hope the flight goes well.

doesntmatterwhoyouare Sun 05-Jun-16 18:37:27

For our last flight (11month and 2.4yr olds) I took dry snacks (fruits, rice cakes, biscuits, bread, boiled eggs), one bottle and sine powder (I've got boiled water from restaurants on every trip and never had an issue), nappies, wipes, one spare outfit (mid size so either kid could wear it), a car shaped book, some crunchy plastic (11month old fav toy!), and paper to make cars, planes, hats etc.
Brought a happy meal type thing at the airport for them to share and made use if play areas to wear them out.

Tbh though they both mostly slept on the flight, even though the big one doesn't normally nap any more.

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