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1st birthday gift ideas for DD

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baffledmummy Sat 04-Jun-16 21:18:25

DD is coming up for her first birthday and was looking for some ideas for presents - what do your 1 year olds love to play with? Thanks!

Tinks15 Sun 05-Jun-16 12:50:49

Isn't really a toy, but what about one of those trikes?

insertimaginativeusername Sun 05-Jun-16 13:03:31

Smart trike
Little tikes car
Paddling pool
Swing set

wheresthel1ght Sun 05-Jun-16 13:21:58

Dd is nearly 3 now but for her first we got her/she was given

Dolls pushchair
Wooden jigsaws
Play kitchen
Smart trike

umiaisha Sun 05-Jun-16 14:04:12

We bought dd3 a silver cross wooden dolls pram as her main present.

She also likes duplo/mega blocks and her toy kitchen and related accessories!!

CoodleMoodle Sun 05-Jun-16 14:09:02

Another vote for the Smart Trike. We got our DD that, some books and some other little toys. We still use her trike several times a week, and she's nearly 2 and a half.

knittingbee Mon 06-Jun-16 20:36:13

Brio wooden trolley. She loves filming it with stuff and ramming my ankles wheeling it around.

nilbyname Mon 06-Jun-16 20:40:32

Wooden trolley with blocks
Toy kitchen- this is something you can keep buying and adding to as the years go on. We got our DS one when he was 2 and 6 years later we are still going stron with it having added
A kenwood toy mixer
Various wooden fiod sets
Toy till/money
Pots, pans
Tea sets
And so on.

baffledmummy Wed 15-Jun-16 12:27:33

Thanks all...some nice ideas in there!

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