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MMR reactions

(5 Posts)
Tilliebean Fri 03-Jun-16 08:00:47

DD had her MMR 11 days ago. From last Sunday night it has been hell. If she doesn't have Calpol her temp is over 39 and she is a cuddly wimpering mess (she never normally cuddles). It is awful. On Wednesday she started getting a measles rash on her face, yesterday it spread down her trunk. So her scalp is almost completely pink. Her body is just speckled.
Now I expected the possibility of a mild reaction but she has been off nursery for a week! For the last two nights she's been up crying for hours and will only sleep if held (again totally unlike her).
We went to the GP yesterday who basically said keep watching her but it will run it's course.
I have family coming on Monday and staying in our tiny house (with a baby, who has luckily had her MMR). I started a new job this month and DP starts a new one after the visit. Any insight into how much long this might last? It's horrible seeing DD so unwell. We are all sleep deprived too. Not good!

Runningbutnotscared Fri 03-Jun-16 16:36:42

Sorry I don't know - I'm sure someone will be along with more knowledge in a bit.

My ds had a reaction too, it lasted about four or five days. It coincided with us flying for the second time and was pretty miserable for everyone. Like you I kept the calpol to hand and just when I thought 'it's time to go to the gp' he got better.
I kept repeating to anyone who commented on his upset state 'just think how much worse it would be if he actually had full measles' (more to sooth my nerves than anything else).

MiaowTheCat Fri 03-Jun-16 16:46:41

DD2 had the measley rash after hers (GP confirmed it looked very like measles) - but was fine apart from that. Rash only lasted a couple of days as I remember and then literally vanished overnight. It was the longer end of the timescale to show up as a reaction from what I recall as well - the practice nurse had doubted it was connected to the jabs but the GP confirmed it was.

Tilliebean Fri 03-Jun-16 17:02:33

Thanks, she basically is showing about 75% of the symptoms of the measles and while it's not mild I still keep telling myself it must be better than full measles! I got some calamine and Piriton for the rash. Calamine seems to have helped as she's been asleep for 2.5 hour, and still going. I'll use the Piriton tonight but hopefully some good sleep will help her get over this. I just haven't heard of anyone's DC reacting so badly and for so long!

gatorgolf Mon 06-Jun-16 20:29:15

My ds had a really bad reaction from the mmr jab, he was ill and a really bad rash for about a week or more. They have a second mmr jab at 4 and he was fine with that one

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