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Bottles and milk and bed - changing routine - help needed!

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exhorsted Tue 31-May-16 14:23:46

So my DD has just turned 1, she is on cows milk as of a couple of weeks ago, all fine, but she still has it in bottles. For info, she has 7oz first thing, 5oz mid afternoon with a snack (1/2 an Organix oat bar eg) and then about 3-4oz at bedtime.

I have several, linked questions - if she's happy with this amount of milk, is putting on weight ok and seems to eat an ok amount of dinner, should I really be dropping the afternoon milk?

Secondly, re the bedtime milk, I know I need to change this to before teeth brushing - but what order to do things? DD has a bath every night so I was thinking dinner as usual at 5, bath at 6.15, milk, story, teeth, cuddles/sing-song, bed. Does that sound a sensible order?

Finally, the whole bottle thing - if DD is having her teeth brushed after both the morning and night-time bottle, do I really need to replace the bottles with cups? I can foresee milky mess in the bedroom which I'm not keen on, plus I don't think she'll drink nearly as much.

Any thoughts/ideas gratefully received!

knittingbee Tue 31-May-16 16:09:34

My DC2 is still having a bottle of formula at night and she's just turned two. I don't see a problem with it. It saves me having to give her vitamin D drops and it sends her to sleep (she's also BF after the bottle). It was the same with my DC1, he didn't stop having a bottle until he was happy to settle on his own at night (about 2.5yo). My DC2 is not a great sleeper and I'd rather not rock the boat until she's ready!

Neither have issues with their teeth as a result.

Chocolatecakefan Tue 31-May-16 21:34:12

We had a similar problem and we tried cutting out the bedtime bottle completely which was a complete disaster, but she wasn't fussed by it being milk, it was the sucking action she likes. So instead, we give her milk in a cup to settle her down, brush her teeth, put her in her pjs then give her a bottle of warm water (we are still using the perfect prep for this so its her usual temperature). It's worked a charm as I don't need to worry about her teeth

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