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Putting modern technology to good use

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lgalla1985 Thu 26-May-16 10:29:40

Hi everyone,
My name is Linda I am a mum to two boys 6 and 4. Recently I have been seeing more of a high use of technology from both my boys although I am limiting this they both have tablets. After talking to parents from both my children's school and nursery I have found that I am not alone in the use of modern technology among our children.
After undertaking some significant research on the children's tablets and from taking to other parents I have found that most children are using the tablets for the same thing LEARNING. From this finding I started to look at the available apps on both Apple's iPad, the kindle store and Androids app store and have found that most of the feedback from the available apps is that they don't meet educational standards.
Throughout Scottish schools all p1-3 children undertake the story street reading books and reading lists they also learn numeracy - addition, subtraction. I have started to build an app which will incorporate all the books in the story street. As well as basics such as phonics, subtraction,addition, doubles. Which children can use to become more confident in their reading and numbers.

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