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Toddler not wanting to see dad..

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melly1975 Thu 26-May-16 09:06:04

I'd appreciate advice from anyone who's being through this. My son is 3 and has started not wanting to go to his dads house. He left me when my son was 1 but has always maintained regular contact. He sees our son once a week and every other weekend (fri to mon). He gets on well with my ex's partner and her sons and there has never been an issue till now. He seems to settle with him fine a while after I have gone but when he sees his dad he's never excited etc. and just sobs as soon as I go to leave or my ex wants to take him with him. Other than suggest we both spend time with him together I'm not sure what else to do? Want him to see his dad but not sure putting him through the trauma of it every few days is good for him??

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