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online parenting courses/forums- any recommendations?

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sunnysunnysumertime Wed 25-May-16 11:42:15

Does anyone know of any good online parenting courses with a forum for asking questions? (forum is important to me as I find it hard to put things into practice without real life examples and support). I'm looking for a gentle & understanding parenting approach based on attachment theory. Not attachment parenting though (that's different to attachment theory). I found the baby whisperer book really useful as seems to support a gentle approach. My own parents were very aggressive, punishing and detached from us so its particularly the gentle understanding side of things that I want to support myself with and to ask like-minded people about. I found one called 'Hand in Hand Parenting' but its quite expensive and not based in the UK. I'd prefer a UK one particularly if I need to pay for the service. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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