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ACubed Tue 24-May-16 12:04:11

Hi All,
I'm a first time mum so still getting the hang of having a baby, but making progress I think. I just wanted to see if anyone had any good hacks for utilizing time/space/money? I've posted some of mine below...maybe they're pretty obvious to most people though!

- For the first few weeks of nappy changing, we used cooled water from the kettle in a plant-sprayer, which we then sprayed onto cotton wool balls - much less hassle than bowls of water.
- If he's sicked up a bit on his clothes, as long as the item of clothing isn't too dirty, I use it to cover his penis as a 'wee catcher' when changing him, to save on laundry.
- I was feeling quite wobbly and gross and moaning about not being able to exercise properly due to lack of time, but then I realised he is more than happy watching me on the stepper, listening to the music and waving his arms and legs around for about half an hour, then is quite happy on a soft mat in the bathroom while I shower.
- I'm doing a qualification while on mat leave, so have some reading to do, as well as enjoying reading newspapers etc online, so if baby is needing some attention I read what I'm reading out loud to him and we're both happy.

Things I'm struggling with still are cutting his nails - he keeps scratching his face, but won't wear mittens. I've tried cutting them but the edges are still sharp, and I can't seem to file them, but maybe the baby files I bought are just a crap brand. And despite not having much of an increased appetite during pregnancy, now I'm breastfeeding I literally cannot fill myself up!


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