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tostaky Tue 24-May-16 10:31:56

My son is 7.5 and he keeps asking me to download video games on the ipad.
He has 30 mins every week on the tablet on his own and maybe an extra 30 mins with his brothers at the weekend.

What games would you recommend?
I downloaded FTS2015 which is a football game but then i realised my son was clicking on "get free credits" (to buy new players) and watching 45 seconds brash adverts about other games, some quite scary as my 4yo came crying to me....
DS also asks for "plants vs zombies" which having had a look at is not as awful as i thought but still, not at all educational or remotely constructive... (two of his friends have it apparently).

I have had a lot at the app store this morning but cant find anything... DS is top of his class and i would like to let him play a good game as a reward... Just not about zombies!!!!! And without ads!!!

Any ideas? Many thanks x

tostaky Tue 24-May-16 10:35:31

Ps: i did download minecraft but again there are lots of zombies (or eldermen-something) and monsters/burning-spiders etc... So i was disappointed.

I feel i am going to really struggle with my boys and video games.....!!!

LastGirlOnTheLeft Tue 24-May-16 10:38:31

You can put minecraft into creative mode rather than survival, where they can build houses - my five year old daughter built an entire town with ice rink, museum, church, shops, funfair, pool, train....

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