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Toddler sleep struggles since new baby - tell me it gets better!

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Minesnotahighhorse Mon 23-May-16 20:18:52

DS1 is 2 and a half and up until recently slept from 7.30-7.30 every single night, settling peacefully by himself after a standard bath/jammies/books routine. He would also nap for 1-2 hrs in the day. Basically the dream sleeper you don't tell any of your friends about.
Then his baby brother arrived 6 weeks ago.
Bedtime is now a two hour long battle and once we manage to get him into to bed, DH or I (mostly DH as I have to BF cluster feeding fussy DS2!) have to lie with him until he goes asleep. He's started waking up multiple times in the night and for the last week has been awake for the day at 5am. Oh yeah, and he has also decided to drop his nap!!
I know this is all textbook toddler behaviour when a new sibling arrives and we just have to ride it out, but just looking for some reassurance from anyone who's come out the other side or has any coping tips? Is there also a developmental stage/sleep regression that happens at this age? Will he go back to normal?
DS2 is very windy and hard to settle after night feeds so it feels like we are getting no sleep at all between the two of them!!

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