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Primary school tutoring

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Jbevan Mon 23-May-16 12:09:32

Hi - I am looking to set up a new concept and need some parental feedback at the moment. Hope it is ok to post on here (new to mumsnet)
I am an ex primary school teacher and looking into creating a year 6 SATS activity support pack. The pack would include step by step parental guide to teaching an aspect of numeracy and then activities for children to do to secure their knowledge and where possible examples of SATS questions taken from previous paper (Although with new SATS style only starting this year this will be limited) the pack would cost £10 a week and would include a half hour phone call support line with myself if required. Parents can either buy adhoc, weekly or termly. Packs would be released each week. Hopefully I will do the same with literacy but initially it would be just numeracy. Does this sound like the sort of thing that as a parent you would invest in or like the sound of - the idea being it is almost a step towards a private tutor

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