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Beavers/scouts price

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36mum Sat 21-May-16 15:07:17

Does anyone's children go to Beavers? I've just had the bill for next term and it's gone up by 60%!!!! I wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

Andbabymakesthree Sat 21-May-16 15:08:44

Id expected an explanation. How much is it now?

LillyBugg Sat 21-May-16 15:08:54

I'm a leader. That's a massive increase, have you asked the leaders why? We charge £12 a month if that helps?

PerspicaciaTick Sat 21-May-16 15:12:31

I'd ask, it might be connected with the hire of a venue or maybe it was previously massively out of line with other packs' subs.
Also we get charged a weekly price for guides but pay half termly, so the effects of a price rise can be exacerbated by the length of the term.

Andbabymakesthree Sat 21-May-16 15:14:32

We pay £10 per month by standing order. Same amount for beavers, cubs or scouts.

AnneElliott Sat 21-May-16 15:16:32

We pay £14 per month for Beavers, cubs or Scouts. I'd ask the leaders what's the reason for the increase.

WorriedOrStressed Sat 21-May-16 15:17:23

£9/month here. Very dependent on cost of hiring the venue. I understand ours is pretty reasonable.

ineedaholidaynow Sat 21-May-16 15:19:06

They should give an explanation for the increase. Were the subs really low before?
We charge £40 a term. Out of that we have to pay nearly £50 per child to Scout HQ (which has increased substantially from last year), we also have our own hut so have to pay insurance, running costs for that.
We have also had to pay out a substantial amount of money on replacing badges for the group as the badge scheme has been updated.
It's quite possible at this time of year that the treasurer will have prepared the set of accounts for the past year and realised they have a deficit.

Haudyerwheesht Sat 21-May-16 15:25:46

£10 a month here plus £30/year

Trumpette Sat 21-May-16 15:28:22

£110 per year.

AlmaMartyr Sat 21-May-16 15:33:32

I'm a Beaver Leader and we charge £30 a term. If we had to put ours up, I'd hope to explain why (can see why we might).

36mum Sat 21-May-16 16:03:50

We pay each term, last term it was £20 for beavers it is now £32!

My oldest is in scouts and last term I paid £25, I haven't received his bill yet, can't wait!

WordGetsAround Sat 21-May-16 16:06:00

Does it depend how long the term is?

Chasingsquirrels Sat 21-May-16 16:07:44

£30 per term, has been for ten years.
Going up to £40 per term in September, will be an email explaining why.

LottieDoubtie Sat 21-May-16 16:08:23

On the face of it £32 for a term at beavers seems totally reasonable. Other children's activities cost much more. But that is a huge % increase- have the leaders not written a letter to explain it?

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sat 21-May-16 16:10:26

£35 per school term here (West Wales)

Whitelisbon Sat 21-May-16 16:24:25

I'm even more grateful to our scout leaders now, we pay £2 a week. We fundraise to pay the yearly fees to the scout association.

wonkylegs Sat 21-May-16 16:36:45

DSs Cubs is £40 a term, he's moved groups (nothing to do with fees) and the old one was £50 a term - I didn't have a problem with this as it seemed reasonable for everything they do.
The more expensive one has to hire premises where the cheaper one owns a hut.

ineedaholidaynow Sat 21-May-16 16:40:16

I would assume the increase could be partly down to the fees paid to Scout Association. They changed the ways the fees were paid this year, we went from paying about £35 per member (including leaders) last year to nearly £50 per child (so no longer paying for leaders) this year. Different groups will pay different amounts as the National Subscription will also include amounts paid to your respective District and County.

So if you were paying £20 per term per child, there wouldn't be much left for the group after you pay the annual payment to the Scout Association.

For the person asking about the length of terms we charge £120 per child (same amount for each section) which for ease of payment can be paid £40 per term or £10 per month.

It is also quite scary how much badges can cost, we have spent over £500 on badges recently and we still have a huge number of new badges to buy. It all adds up.

I know the increase is large, but I think you have been very lucky to have such low subs before. It still represents good value, if your children love being in the Scout Association.

Maidupmum Sun 22-May-16 16:31:28

We pay £90 a year. Upfront in January sad I don't know whose idea that was and they don't see that asking people for such a large amount in January would be a nightmare for a parent!

ineedaholidaynow Mon 23-May-16 22:59:37

National subs to Scout HQ is payable in February based on a census in January, so that might be why they want all subs paying in January. Not ideal for parents

hamabeads Mon 23-May-16 23:01:11

I pay £35 per term

teablanket Mon 23-May-16 23:04:04

£4 a week here.

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