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Baby getting limbs trapped in cot bars

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BexusSugarush Fri 20-May-16 22:38:32

I am sitting here shaking right now after my 20 week old dd just got her leg caught in her cot bars.

She is in an Ikea SNIGLAR cot at the highest level and since learning how to roll she constantly rolls into the side of the cot then sticks her arms and legs out between the bars. However, hearing her screaming her head off just now I rushed back in and she'd gotten her lower leg trapped between the bars; it was at such a difficult angle that I honestly worried for a few seconds that her leg would break before I could get it out, and I had to fully rotate her screaming to get her out in the end. I am so thankful she went rigid rather than struggled, as that definitely would have been worse.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do? I know it's not that likely she'd break something by getting it caught, but she has a massive bruise already forming where her leg was caught between the bars and I don't want to hear that pained, terrified screaming again.

Note: She did have an all-round cot bumper in there, tucked halfway down into the mattress so she couldn't lift it up and put her face underneath it, but since she has become a little more mobile she pulls down on the top of it, so that had to come out to avoid any SIDS-related accidents.

bebo100 Fri 20-May-16 22:57:56

You can buy a mesh that you can put round the cot. I've seen it sold in Jo Maman Bebe.

Fingermoose Fri 20-May-16 23:04:00

We've got a mesh bumper called an Airwrap because of this. We got ours from Amazon but they sell them all over.

Cakescakescakes Fri 20-May-16 23:04:28

Is she in a gro bag? I had a mesh bumper called a Safe Dreams Cot Wrap which was great for keeping limbs and dummies in the cot. Its breathable and attaches with Velcro. Great job.

Writerwannabe83 Fri 20-May-16 23:15:15

I used to have an Air Wrap bumper which prevented injuries like you describe and then when DS got older to the point he was trying to pull his bumpers off I put him into a Gro-bag.

Topsyloulou Sat 21-May-16 07:13:40

I put DS into a grobag when he got his leg stuck between his crib bars at 8 weeks old. The scream was horrific and something I never want to hear again. He loves his grobag. It's perfect as he is such a wriggly worm. He's now 20 months so the next challenge will be him trying climb out of the cot!

Highlove Sat 21-May-16 07:22:01

Yep gro-bag was the solution for us.

TranquilityofSolitude Sat 21-May-16 07:27:34

My DD also used to do this. We bought a proper mattress for the travel cot and moved her into it so she couldn't hurt herself.

Mrsfancyfanjango Sat 21-May-16 07:31:34

We had this problem with dd1&2, with dd1 we used airwrap that's mentioned above and with dd2 we just used a growbag which was easier. Dd3 hasn't mastered rolling all the way over yet but when she does it will be back to growbags.
It's a horrible experience OP, we had a real scary incident when dd1 was the same age brew

BexusSugarush Sat 21-May-16 09:16:33

Thanks for all of your replies, it's reassuring to know my baby isn't the only trouble maker out there; it often seems like she does it on purpose.

She can't stand grobags, just screams once she's in them but the mesh bumper sounds amazing, we'll definitely be buying that! Thank you all so much! smile

MintyBojingles Sun 22-May-16 08:40:31

DD did this when she was similar age, gro bag sorted the problem!

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