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Just lost temper with DS over not cleaning up his toys...

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AtAt Fri 20-May-16 14:02:30

And I feel awful sad. I'm 30 weeks pregnant, dh is away on business, so just almost 4 year old DS and I at home. I took a few days off to spend with him. It is always a struggle getting DS to clean his toys up. It's the only thing I ask him to do, and despite trying to enforce a rule of only having one thing out at anytime, it still ends up looking a tip in the living room. Just asked him to clean up his toys so we could watch a film, he ignored me and kept playing. I asked again, and he ignored me. I then said I'd count to 10, and if he wasn't tidying up, I'd throw a toy away. As I was counting, he counted with me, but still wasn't doing anything. I put a toy in the bin (it was one that was broken, and I'd been meaning to throw it away anyway). He started crying, and I then really yelled at him to just tidy up. He then finally cleaned up. We've now had a cuddle, and I've explained it's not nice not to clean up after himself, and I was sorry for yelling, but he needs to start doing as he's told. Please can anyone give me any tips to not let it get to that stage again? I feel guilty that I made him cry...

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