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My 14 mo daughter has become fixated with me and rejects her mum

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bradmorton87 Thu 19-May-16 21:25:38

In the last 1-2 weeks my 14 mo daughter is fixated with me. Everywhere I go she is there and just wants me to hold her. I'm really close to her so that's great, however more recently she has started to reject her mum (my wife). If I pass her to her to get a shower or heaven forbid using the toilet, she screams the house down until I return and take her back. My wife has recently finished maternity and gone back to work, whereas I have taken the role of 'housewife'. It's really getting my wife down as she feels rejected and I'm starting to feel guilty. Anyone else had this issue, how is resolved. I'm more than happy for her to be clingy to me but it's the rejection of her mum that's bothers me.


twinkletoedelephant Thu 19-May-16 21:31:21

My twins often had a 'favourite' parent and would scream when with the other one. It would depend on how much time was spent with them/how busy we were...
Can the other parent take them out to do something fun and interesting on their own for the day... The farm maybe?
Its not really a rejection... They are too little to understand that makes the other one unhappy. They come round eventually just give them time and don't try to force it as it will only make it worse. Good luck just lots of cuddles all round.

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