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16month old suddenly hates baths

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MummaGiles Thu 19-May-16 19:57:02

Any advice? Our 16 month old DS has suddenly decided he hates the bath. It has been going on for a few weeks. He is happy watching it being filled up, and getting undressed for it, but as soon as we lift him up to go in he starts crying, he refuses to sit down, and cried until we lift him out. Then he stops crying instantly. We can't think of anything that has happened or changed. The water is the same temp, same toys, same bath products. No accidents.

Any advice wise mumsnetters? I know it will just be a phase but he seems so upset and I hate to see him like that.

TwatbadgingCuntfuckery Thu 19-May-16 20:01:47

It is probably just a phase. Mine went through it though we later realised it was the mirrors in the bathroom that were causing the issue.

try bathing somewhere else if you can. In something he can get himself into . A shallow tubtrug would be ideal. Its what i used for mine to get them back, happily playing in water. Found using it in the bathroom for a couple of months helped.

Is there any way you could bath with him or take a shower together? that might ease the fear because you would be in there too.

superking Thu 19-May-16 20:02:36

My DS did the same around when he turned one - sadly I have no advice other than (as you've correctly anticipated!) it was "just a phase" and it stopped after a few months. We did keep baths to a minimum during this time though - once or twice a week and a flannel wash on the other days. He's happy as Larry in there now if that's any consolation.

MummaGiles Thu 19-May-16 20:10:33

Hadn't thought about bathing him elsewhere, or getting in with him. Our water pressure is rubbish so it would take ages to fill it up enough to make it comfortable for me too, but it might be worth a go. He does seem very clingy when he goes in.

TwatbadgingCuntfuckery Thu 19-May-16 20:20:45

kitchen sink will still be big enough. Is that a possibility? you'll be at eye level with him too then and wont be as anxious.

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