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How did you know when to swap milk feeds for food snacks??

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BotBotticelli Thu 19-May-16 14:29:44

Almost 10mo ds2 is on 3 meals per day with puddings.

He only has 3 milk feeds every 24h:

11am (I offer 5oz, he drinks 2-3oz)
4pm (ditto)
7pm (7oz usually drinks it all).

He is seeming less and less bothered about his mid morning and mid afternoon bottles but is starving come lunch and dinner this time to stop the milk and give a small food snack mid morning and mid afternoon??

Cannot remember what I did with DS1! But I know that he dropped all milk feeds aside from the bedtime one at 10mo.

Please don't remind me about the "20oz until they're 1yo" advice, I am not too bothered about this as like I said DS1 ditched his bottles very quickly whilst weaned and it's not done him any harm! Oh and both boys eat lots of dairy in their diets (full fat milk on cereal, cheese in pretty much every meal one way or the other, Greek yoghurt for pudding etc etc).

BotBotticelli Thu 19-May-16 14:35:17

Oh in case it's useful to know, ds2 is 98th centile for weight, 91st for height. Used to be 91st for weight too but he has actually climbed up the centiles since weaning 😳

So I am not worried about him "needing" the calories from the milk.

dementedpixie Thu 19-May-16 14:39:06

Why not offer a small amount of milk in a cup alongside a snack for one of the milk feeds. I wouldn't drop both at once

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