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any recommendations to store toys in?

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Mon 16-May-16 17:10:01

I can't stand our corner of toys, it just looks messy and I'd love something to neatly store them in. Like a side table I guess with low cupboards that are quite roomy. Has anyone bought something like this? Currently looking at Ikea. Thank you

elQuintoConyo Mon 16-May-16 20:47:47

We have Ikea Expedit- now called Kallax, or Chillax or something grin

We have a dark brown 4x4 in the living room with the bottom rows with wicker baskets holding:
Fancy dress
Musical instruments/misc

There is also a blond 2x2 in DS' bedroom with various bit in.

Jigsaws are stacked up on the downstairs bookcase, as are crayons/pens and tubs of playdoh/box of cutters. Lots of tupperware for stacking toys. Huge tupper for his miles of Ikea train grin

When it's tidy, it's tidy, otherwise it looks like a child lives here! Google 'Lego swoop mat' I made one of those which contains all his Lego pieces and can be gathered up and hug at short notice without losing anything.

I do cull fairly regularly, too. Think I'm going to chuck the megablocks soon as they're barely looked at and fall apart as soon as you look at them

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