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Gift ideas from new baby to big sister (6) - inspiration needed

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Cadbury Sun 14-Jan-07 20:23:22

Baby no3 is due in 3 weeks or so. I wanted to get a gift from the baby for my two older children as they will have some gifts for the baby from them. I have a baby annabel to give to my ds (3 and a half) to encourage nurturing but am at a loss as to what to give to my dd (6). She has was recently given a baby doll and lots of things like carry cots and clothes to go with it. I wondered what I could get for her to encourage her to be helpful and responsible but without making her grow up too quickly. She is quite a girlie girl and pretty sensitive.

Anyone got any ideas or inspiration for me?

TrinityRhino Sun 14-Jan-07 20:25:21

sorry cadbury but I am just as clueless. In exactly the same position as you, no idea what to get for dd (6) from dd3 whos due on 3 weeks. will watch this thread with interest

TrinityRhino Sun 14-Jan-07 20:26:03

thats dd1 whos six and actually not sure what to do for dd2 (21 months) either lol

Cadbury Sun 14-Jan-07 20:30:48

I knew what you meant TR - how are you feeling?

notgma Sun 14-Jan-07 20:32:30

pixel chick as you have to look after her

Cadbury Sun 14-Jan-07 20:34:44

is that like a tamagotchi?

PrettyCandles Sun 14-Jan-07 20:40:56

I made a couple of "I'm the big brother" and "I'm the big sister" layouts, emailed them to a local print shop who printed them out onto T-shirts, which I wrapped and had in my labour bag. When ds1 and dd came to visit us in hospital they found the packages in ds2's bassinet. They were very chuffed!

Cadbury Mon 15-Jan-07 09:28:57

That's a nice idea PC, thanks.

Any other inspiration?

twinsetandpearls Mon 15-Jan-07 09:34:03

Our dd loves taking pictures so we bought her a digital camera and a little album to put pictures in when her little brother was born.

Cadbury Mon 15-Jan-07 09:54:37

Can Ia sk how old she is Twin Set? Was it expensive?

twinsetandpearls Mon 15-Jan-07 09:56:18

we bought it second hand from ebay so about £30, it is very basic ut keeps her off my camera! One of the best gifts we have bought her, she had it in the zoo this weekend photographing feeding time. She is five.

Smithagain Mon 15-Jan-07 11:39:45

I'd second the camera idea. I let my 4.5 yo loose on our camera for the first time this weekend and she took some lovely pictures. Eccentric, but lovely. And it would be wonderful to get the big sister's view on the new baby.

On the other hand, when DD2 was born, she "gave" DD1 a very cheap toy from ELC, because it just happened to be something I knew DD1 actually wanted. She was very excited that the baby knew what she liked, and it only cost me £5!

evamum Mon 15-Jan-07 11:50:17

When my brother was born I was 7 and my sisters were older. I got a little care bear that was lying in the cot next to him and my mum said he had gone out that morning and bought it for me which is why he was so tired.(and I fell for it!)
It wasnt so much the gift itself but the fact that I had got one at all that I appreciated and I still have it now over 20 years later.

I wouldnt worry about what it is too much, just get her a small gift, something you would normally get her for a birthday pres or something she is interested in and stick a bow on it!

Gingerbear Mon 15-Jan-07 12:04:18

this book
And a special bear to cuddle?

3 weeks left? OMG, will be watching out for your announcement!

Hattiecat Mon 15-Jan-07 12:05:21

Hi - my dd1 was 6 as well when dd2 came along - we did the I'm the big sister and I'm the little sister t-shirts - dd1 loved them. i also got some stickers for her saying "helpful big sister" in anticipation that she would be helpful, which she was and she loved them. also got a badge saying "i'm a big sister" which she wore the day after at school (who were very good and made a real fuss of her and let her wear the badge all day) - it was only a little thing, but has become one of her most treasured possessions! - good luck.

Cadbury Mon 15-Jan-07 12:26:59

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

DD might be a bit young for the book and she has a pretty good understanding of what being a big sister means, having done it before when ds came along. We have been reading books about a new baby in the family for ds's benefit but I don't think thereality will hit him until the baby is born.

The camera idea is lovely - although we can't afford a digital camera as a family, let alone geetting one for dd. Would be great though.

It's really annoying that we've recently had Christmas and her 6th birthday so pretty much everything she had her eye on, she has received in the last few months.

Still wracking my brain (what's left of it).

How are you doing Gingerbear?

dressedupnowheretogo Mon 15-Jan-07 12:29:20

when my lil bro was born i was 6 and he bought me a barbie a really basic one

i hated it tho coz he was a boy and i wanted a sister but it softened the blow

exbury Mon 15-Jan-07 12:32:33

Agree with the "I'm the big brother/sister" T shirts - DD gave DS one and he is so proud of it. Even better, if you know what LO is (we didn't), is the matching "I'm the little brother/sister" bodysuit. Blooming Marvellous have them if you don't want to get them made, but possibly not up to your DD's size - I seem to remember 3-4 was the largest (and their sizes are quite small) - TBH, it might be cheaper to get them made anyway!

PandaG Mon 15-Jan-07 12:32:35

We recently bought a digital camera for DS 7 on ebay £12 incl p&p. OK and oldish one but it does the job really well. Could you check that out? Failing that how about a disposable camera, they are only about £5 I think.

cruisemum1 Mon 15-Jan-07 12:42:55

what about a bear from Build a Bear? We did this for dd from ds - she loves it

leahsmum Sun 21-Jan-07 11:36:04

i'm having same dilemma with my dd (will be 3 in April). She is always asking to buy things for the baby so we have let her pick a few blankets etc, and told her that Daddy will take her to buy the baby a pressie when it is born and the baby will buy her something back. She found this hilarious because in her words 'dont be so silly mummy the baby cant walk to the shops and it doesnt have any pennies!) Well she wasnt wrong there!
Really struggling as to what to get her as as some1 already said Xmas has just past.
Quite like the idea of the T-shirts but this may not be right for you Cadbury as you say she is already a big sister. I'm thinking along the lines of a new pram for her dolls (original intention was to get her a doll but she got 5 as pressies at Xmas so that kinda threw that idea). Might have a look in Toysrus 2day - I will keep my eyes peeled for you Cadbury.

apieceofmum Thu 06-Nov-14 14:09:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

NoMoreDelays Thu 06-Nov-14 14:13:03

Why have you posted on a thread that is nearly 8 years old?

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