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10 month old fell out of her high chair..

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Shootingstar2289 Sun 15-May-16 18:26:15

Right now. I feel like the worst Mother ever.

I placed my daughter into her high chair briefly while I seen to my 5 year old. I was still in the same room while I heard a bang, looked behind and my precious daughter had fallen out of her high chair.

I hadn't strapped her in as I was planning to put her in for literally 30 seconds. Somehow the tray wasn't clicked in properly and she must of leant forward and pushed the tray out of place and she fell onto my kitchen floor but she was on top of the tray so I believe that saved her from Injury.

She cried but didn't scream like she was in horrific pain. She calmed down with a cuddle, the fussed to go on the floor then crawled over to her fave toys.

No obvious injuries. I am certain she didn't hit her head as I Didn't hear a thud like you would expect on a tiled floor and has no sign of injury anywhere on her body.

Should I get her checked out??

BiscuitBeast Sun 15-May-16 19:21:49

How awful for you both.
It does sound like she's not suffered any injury by calming quickly and wanting to play. Bruising/swelling and such like appear almost instantly so if there's no sign of any, and she's behaving normally then I wouldn't have thought she needs checking out.
We all make bad decisions from time to time, don't beat yourself up too much. Lesson learnt.
Back to being a super mum I'm sure x

DeadGood Sun 15-May-16 22:51:19

Hope you two are both feeling better now. Xx

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