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Would you take him to walk in/miu?

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upsidedownfrown Wed 11-May-16 18:00:23

Before anyone asks, I'm not one to pander to my lo if they trip/bump themselves. Never been the mum that goes running to scoop them up with Hugs and poor babies. I obv will if they look like they've really hurt themselves but otherwise it's a case of 'up you get, you're ok!'

Anyway, ds is 8. Has high functioning autism and isn't one to feel much pain. Barely shed a tear when he split his head open and needed it glued. He fell over someone's foot at school today and fell down a concrete step onto concrete paving. Had a plaster cos he reckons it was bleeding profusely but I've taken the plaster off and there's not much to see really.

However, he was kneeling in his bedroom playing, moved position and started crying in pain. Very unlike him. He limped for a few mins then was fine again.

I've gently pressed all around his knee and there's one specific spot which makes him yelp at the slightest touch.

Dh thinks we should take him to get checked out cos it's not like him to show pain but I reckon see how he's doing tomorrow.

There's no bruise or anything. Just a really tender spot.

Gimme your votes! Walk in? Leave it?

Hawkmoth Wed 11-May-16 18:02:43

I would go, and they won't mind if you explain.

My DS is the same with pain. He didn't notice a broken finger until two days later when it had gone purple, which he found interesting.

NattyGolfJerkin Wed 11-May-16 18:03:19

I would.

upsidedownfrown Wed 11-May-16 18:25:34

Well 20mins since I posted and he reckonsit doesn't hurt anymore ! May have to get she to take him to wic. It's only 2mins away so not too much of a big deal. Hopefully will be relatively quiet too!

upsidedownfrown Wed 11-May-16 18:50:52

Get dh to take him! Not she! Stupid phone

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