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A 2 month old to Mexico?

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Littlejenfer Wed 11-May-16 15:14:09

My friends have just announced their wedding date and location. She is Mexican, and naturally wants to get married in her home country and have picked a nice hotel one hour out of Mexico City.

I have also just announced that I am pregnant - 13 weeks. She didn't realise this, not that it should change things for her.

My dilemma is: I will have a 2 month old baby at the time. Do I sack off the wedding (easiest option) or go through long haul flight, 26C heat, etc. I also understand baby will only had 2/3 scheduled jabs by this point. OK I think I am probably answering my own question.

I would really love to see my friend get married, but I don't want to be selfish NOR do I want to be over protective and not leave the house.


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