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Feeling very lonely. But not all of the time. :/

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Cuddleymummyof4 Wed 11-May-16 15:01:52

Hi there i am 40 years old a mum of 4 babies. Well there not babies any more (22,20,16 & 15) And i love them with all my heart. I am one very proud mum. smile I have a husband that has his own business. But i don't have any close family & only one very close friend that works full time. I don't work as i am a career for our youngest son. But he is in school full time. But during the day only for the last few months i have been feeling very lonely. And just today i was even ready to cry. :/ So i thought i would join here. Just wondering if any other mums out there feel like this. And maybe how they have over come it. smile xx

Touchacat Wed 11-May-16 21:56:26

Big hugs for you. flowers
I'm not sure I can offer much support as only have one baby who is still a baby! But I wanted to give you a bump in the evening MN traffic smile

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