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first time swimming...advice!

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howiloveanicecupoftea Tue 10-May-16 20:51:36

DS, 2, hadn't been swimming yet. What do I need to know about going? What do I need to take? What does he wear? How dyou clean them after etc etc....

Hero1callylost Tue 10-May-16 20:58:24

Swimming nappy if he's not potty trained (or recently trained!) - can get them in Boots

Swim trunks
Snack and drink for after (it's tiring for little ones, mine is always hungry afterwards)
And all the usual stuff for you

You could take armbands or a ring or goggles but not essential if you're happy to hold him in the pool (he might want to stay close to you anyway if he hasn't been before)

Hold him for a rinse under the showers with you before you go in and when you get out. Give him a bath that evening.

Half an hour or less in the pool might be enough before he's had enough.

Beware if he's a bolter - my toddler loves to climb out of the pool and run away before I've got out!

Have fun!

Chilver Tue 10-May-16 21:05:23

Definitely a snack and drink for afterwards! We go twice a week (once both of us, once a lesson for her whilst I swim laps) and have done since she was a baby (now 4) - even now the part I dislike is the changing afterwards! She is tired, cranky and hungry and I am wet and trying to get her and me changed. I've learnt to wrap her up in a towel - or the towel cape thingys with hood are great - and sit her down with a snack and drink whilst I get changed. Then I can focus on her and she has been fed and watered so more cooperative!

Make sure you have a towel for each of you.

The all in one swim suits are good because they keep them warmer than just a traditional swim trunk.

Also, my DD doesn't like the showers so we just bath at home that evening.

Have fun! Its such a great activity to do with them and my DD is a complete fish now smile

Salmiak Tue 10-May-16 21:06:32

My 2 year old wears a swim nappy plus swimming shorts.

I always pack a banana for him to eat when we are getting changed (gives me time to put on my clothes whilst he eats it and also he's starving after swimming).

SueTrinder Tue 10-May-16 21:13:23

Go somewhere with a toddler pool so they can walk about a bit in the water and have some independence. Don't stay very long. Go first thing in the morning when it's a bit quieter (Sundays seem quieter than Saturdays round here, not sure if that's universally true). Take snacks and drinks. We had a splash about wetsuit for when they were little, some kids don't need them but some start shivering in the water very quickly. Depends if you or their Dad feels the cold.

We use swimming as an excuse not to bath that evening!

howiloveanicecupoftea Wed 11-May-16 08:14:08

Do I need that double nappy system thing?

lenibose Wed 11-May-16 11:07:45

Swim Nappy. No need for double nappies.
Swimming costume.
Mine likes his goggles but if he's never used them he might find them uncomfortable.
I used Zoggs float discs. That way if he wanted to be independent in the water he could.
A big towel (to dry both of you), or two towels.
I have a warm fluffy towelling gown for him for the walk back to the lockers so he stays warm as mine has asthma and I live in paranoia of him catching a cold.
Change for the lockers
Hair brush (mostly for you)

Our routine was: go in and find a family changing room. Change. Dump stuff in the locker. Swim. If he was in the discs I would leave him sitting half submerged not the steps for a minute (a few feet away), come out and dry myself. Ask him to come out, dry him and put on the gown.
Head to the changing room and change him first. Give him a drink and a snack.
Change myself. Dry and comb both our hair. And all done!

We have a bath at home as well. The main thing to teach him is that when he is near the water he must not get in unless you give permission. And that he must never run near water.

Have fun!

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