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finding it tough

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iemma321q Tue 10-May-16 14:26:11

I have a seven month old boy who I love so so much. I'm still on maternity leave and as my husband works extremely long hours it's all down to me day and night during the week. The past couple of weeks have been tough. My usually easy natured smiley boy has become very clingy and demanding. He basically wants to be in my arms all day and still seems out of sorts and grouchy. He cries if I put him down and I feel like I'm working extremely hard to entertain him all the time but he is still miserable.

Is this normal? What should I be doing to make this easier both for him and me? Anyone else going through/ gone through the same?

squizita Tue 10-May-16 15:02:31

Could be a growth spurt, teething or a 'wonder week'. Mine went through several grouchy phases in the 1st year.

Have you got a sling or SSC such as a Connecta? I bought mine during a clingy phase and they're useful up to 2 years old. You can carry the baby when you're out and about, if that's what they want - also doing (safe ... no cooking or DIY!) chores. Now she is more a toddler I use it when she wants to walk but I know she'll want a carry back to the car! Connectas and Lennie Lambs are around £70. You can resell them on for most of that too, if they are well cared for.

iemma321q Tue 10-May-16 15:10:44

Thanks for your reply. He's finally gone down for a nap so I'm getting some chores done. We haven't used a sling so far but will definitely check out your suggestions.

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