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Child sun cream - what's the difference?

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daisydalrymple Tue 10-May-16 07:13:00

I usually buy factor 30 and 50 for me and DH, and a separate child factor 50 for the dcs. It's the same make but ours is the great clear spray which is so easy to rub in and get even coverage, whereas the dcs is a cream spray which is not so easy, takes ages to rub in etc.

Is there any reason we can't just use our factor 50 on them? (Just musing this before getting up as I'm going out to buy some after school run, otherwise I'd check the bottles if we had any!) dcs are 9,7 and 18 mo.

moggle Tue 10-May-16 09:49:54

I investigated this a bit last year and couldn't find any definitive answer explaining why "child" sun cream was different to standard stuff. I also looked on the back of bottles in tesco and couldn't see any particular difference in the ingredients list. The main difference was the price!!
So I just use the same stuff I use - but it is already a "sensitive" cream sold as suitable for all the family (Ultrasun SPF 30 if you were interested). DH uses a Nivea spray one and I would happily use that on DD too. My only reservation with the clear sprays would be making sure you get enough on them which may be slightly easier with a visible cream but I doubt it's rocket science! My suncream tells me how much to apply per limb which is quite useful although I guess kids need a bit less.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 10-May-16 09:56:04

There is no difference, it's just money making.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 10-May-16 09:56:47

It expires 12 months after opening though so you can't use last years.

daisydalrymple Tue 10-May-16 10:09:04

Thanks, I will go with the same factor 50 I use for us then. I did wonder about the money making angle. Thanks for replies. (Although typically the sun has disappeared today!)

NickyEds Tue 10-May-16 16:32:34

The difference between adults suncream and children's suncream? About four quid smile

daisydalrymple Tue 10-May-16 18:20:42


DeadGood Fri 13-May-16 09:12:13

Not sure about the science behind it but I understand the clear ones are less effective.

Typical, as they are so much easier...

daisydalrymple Fri 13-May-16 19:55:52

Oh thanks for that deadgood, I bought two today on offer, but got one clear and one cream spray sensitive, both in a 50, so I'll just use the clear on us then and stick with cream for dcs.

SeaEagleFeather Sun 15-May-16 20:20:35

Tried the clear spray on one (SP50) this year for the first time.

Been amazed at how effective it is. I burn worse than the children. I burn if it's a cloudy day and if it's sunny, through a swimming costume. Bright red and 3 weeks' discomfort.

This spray on stuff has been really good at protecting me. The only stuff that has really worked. I have no hesitation now in using it for the children and so far it's been fine (as I say, they burn less anyway and it's been up to 27 degrees here last week)

Spam88 Sun 15-May-16 21:21:07

I suppose the only difference might be that I think the clear ones are usually alcohol-based, which might not be too kind to children's skin?

nothruroad Sun 15-May-16 22:12:54

I haven't seen a clear one that has 5 star UVA protection. Can anybody recommend one?

ParadiseCity Sun 15-May-16 22:14:55

We use this -

It is pricey but worth it.

dementedpixie Sun 15-May-16 22:15:17

Superdrug does clear stuff and I think tesco does too

SeaEagleFeather Mon 16-May-16 10:18:13

nothruroad the Soltan invisible suncare spray had 5 stars for UVA and is SPF 50.

But yes, just noticed that it's alcohol based.

nothruroad Tue 17-May-16 21:37:57

Thank you, I'll look out for the Soltan one.

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