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Lunch suggestions for dairy free 17m DD who's gone off bread

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omama Sun 08-May-16 22:07:57

Didn't know where else to put this so sorry if its in the wrong place!

Am struggling for lunch ideas for DD (17 months). We eat main meal at tea time so usually have a lighter lunch eg sandwiches/ beans on toast but she seems to be going off bread so only eats the filling. And I think she's getting bored of that too (usually ham)

I've tried all sorts of variations (pitta/flatbread/tortilla etc) but she's not overly fussed. She likes crackers but she'll be bored of them soon so need some other suggestions (including ideas for toppings) if anyone has any?

She's dairy free btw.

LyndaNotLinda Sun 08-May-16 22:18:58

Houmous! With carrot sticks and/or rice cakes/oat cakes

Celeriac and/or butternut squash roasted fingers

Have you tried her with marmite?

FeelingSmurfy Sun 08-May-16 22:24:32

Pasta with tomato based sauce or vegan pesto - hot or cold

savasanaaa Sun 08-May-16 22:29:41

Soup with oatcakes & dairy free spread. Falafel & houmous with veggie sticks. Omelette. Pasta & dairy free pesto (I make a parsley based one which uses no cheese) or veggie sauce.
Have you tried all the dairy free cheese style spreads etc? I used to be vegan, the Bute Island Sheese spreads are lovely & think you can get them in Holland & Barrett.

skankingpiglet Sun 08-May-16 22:37:57

My DD likes couscous with various stuff stirred through it, and it's really nice and quick to prepare.
I know you said she's not fussed about bready variations, but how about if you did something different with them eg using tortillas to make quesadillas? DD is a nightmare for deconstructing sandwiches and leaving the bread, but I find toasted sarnies work well as they are 'glued' together so don't come apart as easily.
Also DD loves Nori sushi rolls which might be worth a try? Nice and light to eat, but a bit more involved to make.
If her spoon-control is up to it (DD would have just about been ok at 17mo) then soup with either pasta or bread chunks in to bulk it up.
Or a jacket potato? Just serve a smaller one if your main meal is later.

omama Sun 08-May-16 22:42:06

Thanks for suggestions peeps.

Lynda I don't eat marmite so hadn't thought to try but will do now!

We often have pasta for tea so don't usually bother with it for lunch but guess I could do if I know she's not having it for tea that day.

savasanaaa how do you give soup to a toddler with wild spoon control?! grin She likes to feed herself so am guessing a big plastic sheet will be needed!

Haven't tried any dairy free cheese spreads recently - my ds was also dairy free as a baby/toddler (4/5 years ago) & the only df cheese I could find back then was revolting so hadn't bothered to look this time around. Will def look those ones out from H&B though.

Thanks again!

Spottyladybird Sun 08-May-16 22:45:45

Soup is good in a doidy cup to be picked up or with dippers of some sort.

My DD likes a picky plate- bits of ham, chopped cucumber and other veg, raisins, crackers, etc. good for leftovers too.

CodyKing Sun 08-May-16 22:57:08

My DS hates bread!

He like wraps though usually chicken and salad

Yes to soup -

What about boiled eggs?

skankingpiglet Sun 08-May-16 23:01:45

omama with the soup there will be mess initially if they aren't used to balancing more fluid stuff on a spoon, but they get the hang of it fairly quickly. To give them a helping hand in the beginning you can do thicker blended soups rather than thin soups with chunks, or thinner soups but put chunks of bread into them to soak up the liquor.

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