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He fell off the bed

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MumToBe2015R Sun 08-May-16 17:51:20

9m LO fell off the bed a little while ago. He slept In our bed as it was really really hot in his room. He has slept there so many times but nothing like this has happened. I had the video monitor on aswell & was tidying up & kept checking on him. But all of a sudden I just heard a loud crying noise (him) and ran to the bedroom & he was on the floor in crawling position. Picked him up & cuddled & he was okay. Checked his whole body there's nothing, his forehead was a little red, but that's also gone back to normal now. He's behaving as normal, had his lunch okay aswell. Just worried nothing like this has happened & I'm a FTM. Of course I will keep an eye on him & if he starts behaving out of routine I will contact 111 or take him straight to a&e. Anything I need to keep an eye out for? Or should I take him A&E now and not wait?

NeedACleverNN Sun 08-May-16 17:53:39

He should be ok.

As long as he is alert and behaving normally. If he starts getting really sleepy and is difficult to rouse when asleep then contact help.

Don't worry. Most parents have done something similar

AliceInHinterland Sun 08-May-16 17:54:00

It happens to the best of us lovely, but quite a shock the first time. Then they start moving about and bump themselves at least once a day. Google the signs of concussion, but I think as long as they are responsive, not being sick etc you are fine - and crying is a good sign as far as I know!

BikeRunSki Sun 08-May-16 17:56:25

I have done this! I took DS to A&E that morning, and they asked me if he'd cried - crying is good, because it means they didn't knock themselves out!

They gave me a leaflet on concussion -look out for drowsiness or vomitting, and told me that a this is how many parents learn that their babies can roll/crawl. He sounds fine tbh. The A&E doc I saw also said that no decent doctor would think ill of s parent concerned about their child's health.

timelytess Sun 08-May-16 18:01:47

Oh, they do that. DD started doing it at nine months. She fell off and sat up on the pillow she'd pushed off first, looking like an adorable pixie, rubbing her eyes. I can picture her now, over thirty years later. Then they get a taste for it... I often found her sleeping on the floor, having rolled off the bed. Once, I couldn't find her at all because she'd pulled a blanket down too and was completely hidden. She was four-ish by then. Its nowhere near as spooky as the sleepwalking... just wait... grin

Daisyandbabies Sun 08-May-16 20:13:11

It's a rite of passage I'm afraid! Happens to even the most careful parent. Wait until they start running and climbing!

MumToBe2015R Sun 08-May-16 20:17:17

Thank you for all your replies. You've all put my mind at peace. Daisy I'm not looking forward to that, if already he's had me in a panic hmm

Mummyme87 Mon 09-May-16 06:39:44

Yeah don't worry. They all fall at some point. My DS fell off the bench at swimming when he was about 4months. He had learnt to sit and didn't want to lie down, I was standing in front of him but somehow he ended up on the floor... I monitored him, ensured he was eating and sleeping normally. And he also cried immediately

Elllicam Mon 09-May-16 06:43:58

Definitely a rite of passage both of mine have done it with no ill effects.

ISaySteadyOn Mon 09-May-16 06:51:24

Rite of passage. All three of mine have done it. They're fine.

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