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High chair suggestions

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kiki22 Sat 07-May-16 23:33:19

I am looking for something like the cosatto 3sixti but cheaper does anyone have any ideas?

I don't have much space in my kitchen so will need something I'm not tripping over the legs, needs to be able to be used from young DS could sit up in his at 10 weeks this one may be the same (I have a cat that will claim any baby seat below waist height) and ideally is height adjustable loved this feature for when DS was bigger unfortunately his highchair got used until it started to fall apart.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 09-May-16 17:58:28

Have you seen the IKEA ones?

kiki22 Mon 09-May-16 18:55:14

Yes they take up too much floor space, I'm trying to avoid legs as I constantly tripped over ds's high chair in this kitchen it drove me nuts sad

CestLaVie93 Mon 09-May-16 19:31:32

We have the Cosatto 3sixti & it's massive. It's heavy to move & hard to wash & completely impractical but I love it. We got it second hand & I bought a new insert for it though so worked out much cheaper.
My friend has the Antilop (ikea) & it's brilliant for the price (£12 I think). It's small, lightweight & can even be put in the dishwasher it's great however I still prefer my 3sixti as its soo pretty! blush

MooPointCowsOpinion Mon 09-May-16 19:33:47

Can you just get one of those seats that clips onto a dining chair? No extra space then. Otherwise the IKEA one really is awesome, I came on to recommend it.

kiki22 Mon 09-May-16 21:45:33

I won't have a dinner table it needs to be stored away to make space for the baby stuff lol. I think I just need to go in store shopping with a measuring tape. I don't really fancy the IKEA ones I used the high chair reclined from when DS was 10 weeks will likely do it again would like a comfy one baby can snooze in.

Kiwiinkits Thu 12-May-16 01:24:10

I use a clip on POD high chair from mountain buggy at my breakfast bar. Takes up no space whatsoever.

Kiwiinkits Thu 12-May-16 01:25:28

Why would you want your baby to snooze in a high chair? Chairs are for eating, beds are for snoozing....

Kiwiinkits Thu 12-May-16 01:28:30

I used a bumbo with a tray, which I put up on the breakfast bar when DS was too little to fully support himself in a high chair. They can be picked up quite cheaply on EBay. Bumbos are also useful as outdoor chairs when you're out hanging out the washing or whatever.

kiki22 Thu 12-May-16 22:02:14

Because when he was very little I didn't like putting him to bed in a different room when he fell asleep, he liked to sit in the high chair so he could see what I was doing, I'm not keen on sitting bouncy chairs on work tops so would rather him sit reclined in the high chair, he fell asleep quite often while watching me potter around it was easier to further recline the high chair than to risk moving him.

Baby's don't tend to know beds are for snoozing they tend to sleep where they are comfortable in my experience, chairs, buggy, sling, bouncy chair to name a few places my son slept.

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