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Travel toddler bed

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MintyBojingles Sat 07-May-16 14:11:40

DD is too big for her travel cot now and we need to get something for when we go visit grandma, has anyone got any reccomendations? Obviously something that packs up and can fit in a car easily, hopefully something with decent length so she won't grow out of it too soon! She's 20 months ATM.

Roobix04 Sat 07-May-16 14:12:25

Watching with interest as we're gonna have to turf dd out of the travel cot when new baby is born.

RNBrie Sat 07-May-16 14:14:13

We use inflatable beds for the dc. 4 year old sleeps in a Ready Bed, nearly two year old sleeps in a MyFirstReadyBed (it has bumpers around the side)

Buy an electric pump as they come with a foot pump but it's rubbish!

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Sat 07-May-16 14:17:16

My 3.5 yo has a ready bed, she loves it! It must be reasonably comfy as she slept on it about 50% of last summer as we went here there and everywhere. It deflates so packs small and only takes about 5 minutes to put up with a foot pump.

Roobix04 Sat 07-May-16 14:19:02

Like the look of those ready beds. Thanks.

KatyN Sat 07-May-16 16:31:55

We just take the mattress from my son's bed and he sleeps on the floor.

MintyBojingles Sat 07-May-16 20:46:52

I like the look of the ready beds, has anyone ever had a toddler flip one over? DD is quite the wriggler!

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Sun 08-May-16 06:57:13

Dd insisted on sleeping on hers for about a 1 month straight and didn't have any issues, she said it was super comfy. smile

mrsbee2be Sun 08-May-16 07:09:01

Have you looked at fold out camp beds? We picked a couple up from go outdoors, and our girls love them with a sleeping bag, we use them for camping, extra beds in hotel rooms, sleepovers etc

HixieRice Sun 08-May-16 07:36:27

I just got one of these from Amazon because I'd heard that inflatable beds are really noisy.
I was a bit worried DD would escape too easily, so made a kind of pocket to keep the duvet in place, but I don't think it was needed - she loves it and sleeps like a log smile

ShatterResistant Sun 08-May-16 07:40:49

We didn't think much of the ready bed. My then-2yo eventually slept in it, but it made a noise every time she moved, and she did "fall off" it, although it didn't actually flip over on top of her. Doesn't look very comfy either. Luckily I bought it second hand!

skankingpiglet Sun 08-May-16 22:54:42

Our 22mo DD LOVES her ready bed, she gets really excited when it comes out. Probably helps it has Upsy Daisy on it grin We got it as we needed something for her to sleep on when she was 12mo (a lot younger than they say they are for) whilst camping and we wouldn't have got a travel cot in the tent. Last summer we had 3 camping trips using it, she was next to us and we didn't notice any noises from it when she moved. We've used it at friend's and parent's houses too, and she has probably spent about 4-5 week's worth of nights on it in total in the last year. She always has a good night's sleep on it too, so I assume it's comfy, although that could be down to all the fresh air she gets in the day! She's never flipped it except when very much awake and generally causing mayhem in the tent.

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