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How do I teach 3.5 yo DS about stranger danger?!

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mumtosp Fri 06-May-16 21:20:31

DS is 3.5 yo and is extremely friendly. He gave a big cuddle to the Tesco delivery man this evening!! The poor guy was embarrassed and wasn't sure whether he should cuddle DS back. This is just one example of DS having no concept of stranger danger. He is always waving at everyone on the streets and will cuddle anyone who stops and talks to him. And it's not like he doesn't get enough cuddles at home. In fact, the 2 of us are very close and cuddles and kisses are a part of daily life. As I am writing this, I am wondering if I have caused this.... Am I giving him too many cuddles and making him think this is something that he needs to do with everyone?! confused

I really don't know how to handle this. His childminder is also trying to teach him stranger danger but I don't see it working. I am constantly worried about this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA smile

Princesspeach1980 Sat 07-May-16 00:32:32

Bless him, no such thing as too many cuddles from you.

Could you try and explain that cuddles are only for people we know, and encourage high fives, or handshakes if he wants to be friendly with other people?

I wouldn't teach stranger danger any more, not all strangers are dangerous (he needs to feel able to approach the right strangers for help if he gets lost etc) and not all people he knows will definitely be safe. Also, adults have been known to introduce themselves to a child and then they "aren't a stranger any more". Google the underpants rule from the nspcc, and also look up tricky people, they both have brilliant ways of talking to your child about these things.

pratiaalba Sat 07-May-16 00:39:43

Good thread here from yesterday.

mumtosp Sun 15-May-16 19:44:33

Sorry I couldn't get back to this earlier!

Thanks for the suggestions and the link 😊

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