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DH and Tantrums

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bexleyboop Fri 06-May-16 12:34:47

No, my DH isn't having the tantrums (although he is a prize winning sulker)

Our DS is just 2 (27 months) and is charging, full speed, into the terrible twos. It's ramped up significantly over the last month, and now he can be in full meltdown mode in a split second.

He has always been a well behaved little boy, especially in public, but this has all just gone to hell.

I know tantrums are hard to deal with, I am a SAHM so I must handle two or three of these a day at least before my husband gets home.

The problem I have is, despite me trying to talk to DH about remaining calm and quietly talking to DS, or ignoring the tantrum, DH instantly gets cross at him and yells.

I'm far from perfect, and while I try to stick to my guns with dealing with the tantrums through either ignoring them or distraction, I have lost it once or twice and yelled, but that's usually during the epic 20 minute meltdowns! Whereas DH will start shouting as soon as DS flips.

I don't know how else to ask him not to? He works long hours and doesn't spend that much time with DS sadly. I'm trying to make sure we parent consistently, but he wont stop shouting, or responding to his screaming which just proves to DS that screaming gets attention.

Any ideas?!

TiredOfSleep Fri 06-May-16 18:01:46

Would he understand better if there was a book to read? Sorry i don't know any to recommend.

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