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Your favourite toddler pastimes

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pinkglitter80 Thu 05-May-16 23:02:58

What were the things you enjoy / enjoyed doing most with your pre-schoolers? Mine are 1 and 3, and growing up - rather than trying to just 'get through' each day I really want to make the most of my time with them as much as possible before they are off to school - sob! We like going to feed the ducks, exploring the woods, going to classes & supermarket & playdates; generally end up staying fairly local although I've just started driving again which opens up more options. When the 1yo is napping I try and do puzzles / drawing / cooking etc with 3yo. It would be great to hear the activities you've enjoyed most, to get some ideas! am wondering if I should try and do more 'days out' - but so far I have found it quite hard managing 2 active toddlers out & about! But I don't want to regret not making the most of having freedom to spend days how we want! thanks :-)

JuxtapositionRecords Thu 05-May-16 23:17:16

It is hard getting out, especially with a one year old who still needs to nap! If doing a 'proper' outing somewhere I find it a lot easier to go as early as possible while they are still in a good mood and can sleep on way home.
Our favourites -
- Farm park/petting zoo (this time of year is perfect, lots of cute lambs)
- Rhyme or story time at local library
- Cinema (ours has kids mornings which are a couple of quid, all the kids make noise so no pressure to keep the younger one quiet!)
- If you have a theatre near you have a look on their website, our local one has Julia Donaldson plays etc
- Do you have a garden? We do lots of teddy bears picnics, I bring the toy kitchen into the garden and give them a washing up bowl filled up and let them make lots of mess. Also a mud kitchen, if you google that gives you loads of ideas but it's great fun.
We also got outdoor chalks and do painting outside so they can make as much mess as they want
- flower/fruit and veg growing. You can get cheap kids sunflower seeds or small tomato plants etc which are easy for the kids to pot and grow. We got ours little watering cans, a little spade and wheelbarrow, they love it! Have a look at your local garden centre, mine like to look around there and we look at the plants but we also have a cafe and pottery painting place there as well so makes quite a good morning out.

Not sure if any of that was helpful!

ODog Fri 06-May-16 06:20:34

Similar stuff to what you have described really. Now the weathers better we have been staying at home and playing in the garden much more but try to get out every day to do an activity such as playgroups/rhyme time/meet ups with nct pals/shopping/park/ducks/walks etc. Then spend the afternoon at home. My DS is almost 2 and I've found this age to be great in terms of being easy to entertain. I don't think you need lots of big day trips out as they are just as happy doing simple things half the time. We tend to do bigger trips at the weekend with DH.

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