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I need meal ideas! 🍽

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NamelessAndShameless Thu 05-May-16 16:26:33

I'm a little bit lost for foodie inspiration at the moment, as 14 yo dd1 is going through a tough time with some eating issues, dh gets back from work late and is never that hungry, dd2 is 8 months and is going through a fussy eating stage, and I'm 3 months pregnant, craving carbs but can't stand tomatoes or much green stuff, and I can't think of what to cook!! Ideas? 🍴

skankingpiglet Thu 05-May-16 22:35:47

What are the restrictions caused by the DC's issues and fussiness?

So far I can see requirements of:
Easy for a baby to pick up
No toms or greens

How about:
Pasta with a creamy sauce, with added veg eg peas, sweetcorn.
Jacket potatoes with various fillings (tuna sweetcorn, coleslaw, or beans if not for you). Cook baby potatoes for the 8mo or chop up a bigger one.
Noodle stir fry.
Spanish omelette.
Homemade pizza with a choice of toppings so everyone's requirements can be catered for. DH's can be prepped in advance with everyone else's then bunged in the oven when he gets in.

NamelessAndShameless Fri 06-May-16 18:02:12

SkankingPiglet Thank you these all sound delicious!!

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