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Hypospadias Operation

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mrswright25 Wed 04-May-16 16:25:19


My Ds has Hypospadias and we've been on the waiting list at Manchester children's hospital for 2 years, last week I called an wasn't to nice to the receptionist about the wait. So today they have called an given me a cancellation for this Friday shock. I have obviously taken this as we want to just get it over an done with! Has anyone else little one had this operation and did all go ok? I know he needs this but I can't help but not want him to have to go through it xx

Reassuring post only please, I've already cried today at work sadwink xx

uhoh2016 Wed 04-May-16 20:38:16

My ds had it about 12m old. It's only a day thing he should be allowed home that night. Buy some cheap bigger size nappies as you'll have to double nappy him for abound a week.
They leave a catheter in whilst it heals. You'll need to cut holes in the 1st nappy to put the willy through this is so when he poos none goes on to the willy and infect it then his wee will go into the 2nd nappy.
He went back after to have the catheter removed (he had dissolvable stitches ) and that was that basically. He went back about 6m later for a check up. Can't remember how long he was in theatre for but it wasn't long.
Good luck I'm sure he'll be fine

uhoh2016 Wed 04-May-16 20:39:19

Went back after a week that should say

LeslieEllary Thu 05-May-16 12:13:43

Hi I am new here and cant see where to introduce myself but my son had this.

We didn't treat it until he was 13 years old, he was treated at Booth Hall in Manchester and we think he was no better off, potentially worse off.

Where is your sons uretha exit?

Booth Hall operation scarred his penis and the scar tissue according to my son is very tight when he gets an erection. It pulls his penis back into his body as the tissue they used to 'fix' his uretha was from the base of the penis so as that contracts a little, it pulls the whole penis inside.

I would leave him until he is a fully developed adult and teach him the same as kegels to control bed wetting and leakage.

Aworldofmyown Wed 03-Aug-16 22:35:18

How did it go MrsWright? My son is due to have this operation.

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