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How often Do you hold/carry/cuddle your 7mo?

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Firstmum24 Wed 04-May-16 10:20:04

I don't believe you can spoil a baby by holding them lots but I have been thinking about how often I hold DD throughout the day. and wondering if I am starving her of attention So I probably have about a twenty minute cuddle in bed in the morning before we have bottle and back for a nap. Then its a quick ten minute cuddle walking about putting the blinds/curtains up. Then throughout the day I would say maybe little five minute cuddles when moving her around but with a few longer cuddles on the sofa after bottles etc. I lay on the floor with her and play with her - rolling, playing with hands and sitting up and standing up throughout the day between meals. I leave the room to do the washing/kitchen/make lunch/dinner etc but always pop back to see how she is getting on every minute or so (she is in a high chair/bouncey chair/playgym etc so i know she is safe. Am i going insane to be even thinking about this? DD is picked up anytime she seems bored/whiny. She rarely cries. Very content and developing well.
I am going back to for 4 days a week so DD will be in nursery for two days and with DH for two days - I think worrying about how she will be cared for then is why I have bee over thinking this a bit.

squizita Wed 04-May-16 11:09:33

She rarely cries. Very content and developing well.

Think your answer is there. smile

Caterina99 Wed 04-May-16 16:01:12

At that age it was becoming impossible to have a long cuddle with my DS as he was mobile and wanted to move! if she seems content then sounds like she's happy with the level of attention she's getting

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