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List of things we will need for holiday

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HollyC255552 Wed 04-May-16 10:04:12

We are going on holiday in June with our 11 month old DD to the Canaries. I'm starting to think about what i need to get & take for her. Can anyone tell some essential bits i need to take?

MrsA2 Wed 04-May-16 20:23:10

Hat, suncream, sunsuit (ideally with long sleeves and legs - dunno why most have short sleeves!).

Swimming nappies for pool/sea - I found the ones in the canaries weren't a patch on the ones we use here.

A sun tent is extremely useful if you can get one into your luggage.

Snacks - for the plane (distraction!) and so you have some favourites handy, although you can get baby food and loads of easy snack food in the canaries it is handy having a supply of mini rice cakes, raisins etc

Canaries can be a little chilly at night so we have taken various different sleep options - short vests, long vest, sleepsuits.

Towels are cheap to buy out there if you need to save suitcase space.

Muslins, you may not use them at home any more but large ones are brilliant for shade over little legs in a pushchair, for mopping up food debris etc. Washable plastic bibs are brilliant too so you only need one for the whole week.

Don't forget the sippy cup and kids cutlery if your little one is using cutlery - it's a pain trying to feed them with an adult sized fork!

Hope that's helps, I'll add more if I think of it.

Ashhead24 Wed 04-May-16 20:27:12

Also going to canaries in July with 11 month old, so watching this. Great list MrsA2 thanks

Salmiak Wed 04-May-16 20:30:13

Go to the pound store and buy some cheap little toys for her to play with on the flight, just get a new toy/snack out every hour - raisins are good as they take a long time to eat.

Sun cream, a couple of swimming costumes (its horrible to put wet ones back on a small child)

Talcum powder - when leaving the beach just sprinkle it on and the sand magically falls off with no scrubbing!

Some Milton sterilizing wetwipes - to wipe down high chairs/tables before eating

peppatax Wed 04-May-16 20:32:58

Don't forget to take the car seat. Don't forget to take the car seat out the rental before you return it speaking from experience

uhoh2016 Wed 04-May-16 21:00:55

Take your own swim nappies (aldi have them on offer at the moment ) I forgot and got stung for €16 for a pack in Tenerife angry
Just come back from a holiday with my 13m old, I bought normal nappies over there at the local mercadona supermarket really cheap. He was happy to be pushed about and nosey at everyone. I took a few small toys/ teddies with us. He slept more than what he would at home during the day with the heat and also being in the pool tired him out.
At night I took him out in pj's walked him for a bit to fall asleep we'd have a nice meal whilst he slept then went back and had a wine on the balcony.

MrsA2 Wed 04-May-16 21:09:14

Which island are you headed to? If it's Lanzarote let me know your resort, we've been a couple of times with baby and then toddler!

AuditAngel Wed 04-May-16 21:10:29

In the Canaries, restaurants will go out of their way to feed your child. We go to mainland Spain, but were often offered things not on the menu, such as scrambled eggs

Twowrongsdontmakearight Wed 04-May-16 21:14:39

Some good things to read! After spending two holidays in the air conditioned bedroom with DS who was utterly miserable in the heat we accepted that we'd have to holiday in the UK for a few years.

MrsA2 Wed 04-May-16 21:14:52

Ooh an iPad for the flight with CBeebies stuff downloaded! I am really dull and try and avoid TV at home big style but on a flight you are stuck if they get restless. And iPad is a massive get-out-of-jail. That said, flying with a baby under 1 is SO much easier than the 20 month toddler I flew with most recently.

Definitely pack a spare change of clothes for little one plus a spare top for you. When you are trying to keep them contained on a flight it is ridiculous the amount of stuff that leaks/spills.

Ooh and my biggest tip - if you're flying from a major airport then you can order online shopping for collection airside at Boots. This is BRILLIANT! We had nappies, baby food pouches, swim nappies all sat there waiting for us and counted as your duty free bag rather than hand luggage. Just check the delivery times a few weeks before as it does take slightly longer than normal online ordering (c 10 days from memory).

redexpat Wed 04-May-16 21:21:23

Talc to get the sand off.

HollyC255552 Wed 04-May-16 22:05:13

Thanks everyone! MrsA2 - your list is great thank you, things on there i didnt even think of! Yep heading to Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen), we usually go every other year but will be first time away with our DD.

MrsA2 Thu 05-May-16 07:46:42

Glad some was useful! We've done 3x overseas holidays in 1.5 years with DD and I'm a control freak so have learnt a lot about what makes life easier.

If you are booking a car and haven't already then take a look at Autoreisen - they include a baby/toddler seat for free. They aren't in wonderful condition so you may well prefer to take your own but DDwas out of the baby seat and so it would have been extremely difficult to cart her current extended rear facing seat. They have a whole load of seats in a little portacabin so you can pick the one you like the look of. Obviously you can not guarantee it wouldn't have been in a crash but you can at least choose one that isn't filthy!

Lanzarote is well set up for babies - the resort we were in has nappies in every supermarket, wipes, even baby shampoo etc. So don't worry about over packing too many nappies.

Have a brilliant time!

cornishglos Thu 05-May-16 09:25:20

Travel wash. Don't pack much, just wash it. It'll dry in hours in that sun. An umbrella for shade.

2015mom Thu 05-May-16 09:38:07

This my list for baby bag when I leave the house which I run through to make sure I have everything I need... Obviously not all applies for everyday and certainly not everything will be needed for your holiday... But may be useful

Baby bag:
Extra socks
Babygro if coming home late
Sleeping bag
Hat & gloves
Baby wipes
Nappy sacks
Hand Sanitiser
Changing mat
Cotton wool?
Breast pump
Lid to storage pot
Muslin cloth
Breast milk from fridge
Breast/formula milk in bottle
Formula storage tub
Flask with hot water
Formula or breast milk
Red book
Car seat
Car base
Pram blanket
Adapters for pram
Rain cover
Ear defenders?
Cups for water
Sun cream
Sun hat
Swimming costume
Swimming nappies
Bucket and spade

livvylongpants Thu 05-May-16 09:43:46

Sun hats that tie on

I second getting long arm and leg swimsuits, make sure they have upf rather than just a rash suit.

Get one of those swim ring seats.

We pay for extra luggage so that we need to take minimal hand luggage, I'd rather pay an extra £40 and not have to lug kids and bags around.

If you have a sling or baby carrier pop it in your hand luggage, if you have a long wait at customs your arms can kill as your buggy will usually Come off with the normal luggage

MrsA2 Thu 05-May-16 20:21:07

Oh at Lanzarote the pushchairs come off an oversized baggage belt rather than with the rest of the luggage. Second the idea of a carrier/sling if your little one will stay in it as it can be a long wait.

beemay Thu 05-May-16 21:38:40

Travel black out blinds in case hotel room really light

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