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Baby's bedroom - what do we need?

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TheRedKeep Tue 03-May-16 21:41:27

Aside from the obvious cot, carpets, curtains etc

We're aiming to have DS in his own room within the next few months and I'm completely at a loss as to what to do with it. New house so empty room, we have bedding already, obviously but what else do we really need in there?

Any ideas on how to make a lovely baby bedroom? DS is 9 months now and we will probably move his toys in there as well as drawers for his clothes etc

I've been looking on pinterest but the trend seems to be for grey dull nurseries I'd like something a bit more cheerful. I have already decided on a reading corner with easy access to books and somewhere nice to sit but I'm at a complete loss for other ideas and thought maybe just sticking to what we need would be best?

Can anyone help me out with some inspiration?

Ffion3107 Tue 03-May-16 21:50:00

We don't have any toys in the bedroom, this is what we have
A blackout blind!
A chair for story time
Blanket box
A dress up box
And then it's just the little things like cute rugs, photos on wall, hanging hearts and a money box etc on window sill.
I love the greys atm but would add yellow!

Caterina99 Wed 04-May-16 16:12:06

Depends on the rest of your house. My DS is 10 months and we only really use his room for him sleeping and storing his clothes. Not many toys. We have a playroom downstairs/ toys scattered in every room of the house!

We have blinds and blackout curtains, cot, changing table, lamp, and then a built in wardrobe. We keep his clothes, nappies, bibs etc in storage baskets under changing table, and stuff we use less often in the wardrobe.

The walls are yellow. We have an ikea rug that's really bright and then the changing table is blue and there are blue shelves. That's about it. I like it, but Pinterest worthy it is not!

moggle Thu 05-May-16 10:25:26

We are lucky enough to have a playroom downstairs so the only toys DD has in her bedroom are some soft toys in an Ikea box. Apart from that...
A cot with mesh bumpers to stop her dummies falling out, a rocking/nursing chair (still very very useful even at 18m),
A large chest of drawers. No wardrobe - by the time she needs to hang up clothes she'll be in a different room. All her clothes are in the drawers along with her bed sheets, gro bag, any seasonal things like pushchair sunshade, swim nappies, my breast pump and the bottles she doesn't use any more! On top is a lamp (and also a gro egg and an ikea push on nightlight),
Some ikea spice racks as bookshelves (and some of her books)
blackout curtains and during the summer a gro-blind as well,
A big open wicker chest type thing which we keep packs of nappies and wipes in and any other big bits and bobs that won't fit in the drawers,
A changing mat that lives under the cot (we changed her on the drawers until about 6m, now on the floor)
Think that's it!

TheRedKeep Fri 06-May-16 12:19:42

Thanks for the ideas everybody. flowers

We have a 2 bed flat it isn't huge but the bedrooms are a decent size, his room is bigger than any bedrooms I had as a child, but we do need the storage for toys etc as the living room is getting cluttered. I don't mind him bringing them out in the day then back in the box and bedroom for the night.

I like some of the grey rooms and actually his cot bed & bedding is grey, but I just want bright and colourful. I'm thinking lots of storage is what we're after really, so will definitely be taking ideas for that.

The mesh cot bumpers - genius! Saves DH having to reach under the cot every night in search for dummies!

Whilst I'm on the subject, are blackout blinds worth it? We've been considering them anyway as ds is waking very early but he's the kind of baby that needs lots of sleep...

I'm just a little worried about having too much in there at this age, so any unnecessary furniture and things

Did anyone get anything and find they didn't actually need it after all?

TiredOfSleep Fri 06-May-16 21:56:34

We don't currently use the wardrobe much. Chest of drawers is plenty of clothes storage. We painted DD bedroom a lovely minty green that seems to go with everthing for girls and boys.

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