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9 year old misbehaviour - how to handle

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CuntingDMjournos Sun 01-May-16 17:26:53

I sent the children outside to play while I made dinner. DD1 (9) got the chalks out and had all 8 on her lap refusing to share with DD2 (almost 6). I told her to share and first she refused saying she needed them all then begrudgingly handed over one. I asked her twice to put them all in the middle and take one at a time. The toddler was trying to pick up a ladybird and DD1 started trying to protect the ladybird ignoring me and then saying that she couldn't give th chalks because th ladybird would be killed. I told DD2 to take them off DD1's lap. DD1 then chucked one chalk at DD2 (ie not letting her choose her colour or put them all in the middle like I'd said). I said right, give them all to DD2 and you'll have to ask her for one. She threw them on the ground and stomped off. I left DD2 and DD3 to play and DD1 to her strop but 5 mins later had to go outside again; DD2 was screaming as DD1 had stamped on her, DD1 said DD2 had ruined her drawing (the one that she'd started before the stomp odd). DD2 said she didn't rub the drawing out.
I sent DD1 to her room. Fifteen minutes later I went to speak to her about being kind and sharing with her sister. I mentioned that earlier in the day when all the girls had sweets on the shopping belt at the checkout I had caught Dd1 putting hers to the front and DD2's right at the back and I said this was another example of her being mean.
I then noticed that she has ripped up one of DD2's favourite books ! (They share a bedroom). I have taken her £5 saved pocket money from her to go towards replacing the book but I am still fuming. I want to give another punishment - should I? What?

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