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Meals for 7 month old

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2015mom Sun 01-May-16 09:08:14


I feed my LO as follows:

5 am & 7am: Milk feed
9 am: Breakfast which includes 3 ounce of milk mixed with breakfast and some toast, occasionally yoghurt or fruit
10 am: Breastfeed before nap
12 pm: Lunch which consists of meat & veg purée age appropriate , finger food and a desert of yoghurt or fruit
1.00 pm: Breastfeed before nap
3.00 pm: Fruit
6.00 pm: Dinner which consists of meat & veg purée age appropriate, some finger food and a desert of yoghurt or fruit
7.30 pm: Breastfeed before bedtime
1.30 am: wakes up for breastmilk
5.30/6 am: wakes again for milk

I feed on baby's cues so when he has enough of main meal I will stop and then give him desert.

Occasionally I will give snacks such as cheese, biscuits, fruit.

Is the above enough or should I include another meal at around brunch if I move breakfast to 8 am.

He still wakes up at 1.30 without fail. Sometimes he will wake up at 11 pm then 3 am then 5.30 but majority of time wakes at 1.30 then 5.30 am. I want to wean him off milk feeds at night but I am worried he will be hungry.
Last night he went to sleep at 8.30, woke up at 1.30 and then at 7.00 am and when he woke up in the morning he was playing and didn't have milk but I have him breakfast early.

His night time feeds vary. Should I just give him one feed at 1.30 am until the morning then wean him off milk all together.

Your advice would be appreciated.

2015mom Sun 01-May-16 14:07:29

Do you do your daily routine differently?

Doje Sun 01-May-16 18:34:01

Ours is a bit more hit and miss. If he's awake when we're eating then he gets offered solids! Mostly BLW so he sits in the high chair and gets on with it whilst we eat.

Bottles offered at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm (or thereabouts).

Today, he was awake for breakfast so had some egg and English muffin. Slept till about 11am and had his 2nd bottle. Then missed lunch as he slept through it. Woke up at 3pm and had a veggie muffin as DS1 was having a snack. 3rd bottle about 3.30pm. Back to sleep at 5pm, when he woke at 6pm we were having pud so I gave him some yoghurt and rhubarb (on a spoon!)

DiggersRest Sun 01-May-16 18:43:48

I've just dropped the 4th bottle as dd2 was more interested in food so her routine at the moment is
7.30 bottle
9.00 nap
9.30 breakfast with 3oz formula in it
11.45 lunch
12-2.00 nap
2.30 bottle
4.30 tea
6.00 finger food while we eat dinner
7.00 bottle

She wakes almost every night from 3-4.30am but has since about 4 months. I've tried offering a bottle and she will take it, reluctantly hmm so I've stopped offering and just try to keep her quiet until she's ready to nod back off again.

Dd1 did this until she was 18 months which l had forgotten about until dd2 started.

It's hard at this stage because you are concerned they may be hungry but I'd try for one night feed to help him increase his day intake.

uhoh2016 Sun 01-May-16 22:00:39

1 feed a night isn't too bad he will drop that feed as and when he's ready

2015mom Mon 02-May-16 21:36:03

Thanks for the help everybody

Yeah I will see how he goes with starchy foods... Maybe once I give him more starchy foods he will be a bit more full. But then again they say they don't sleep better the fuller their stomach lol

Last night instead of 1 he woke up at 3! Just need to push that to 5 and I will be happy as Larry

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